Beginner Ski Touring in the Julian Alps

5 days
All ages
1–7 people

The feeling of gliding on snow with amazing mountain scenery around you is pretty hard to beat. Get the most of the Slovenian skiing and explore Vogel Ski Resort in Triglav National Park. The backcountry, the powder and the guides are amazing. We promise.

Learn ski touring in the Julian Alps!

IFMGA guides will share their extensive touring knowledge with you. First, you’ll focus on skiing and ski touring techniques, then terrain and avalanche management. All participants will have access to Pieps avalanche beacons and equipment.

What to expect when you take this course:

The program is suitable for everyone who wants to start ski touring or split-boarding. It’s also a great program if you want to refresh and brush up on your existing backcountry knowledge. We cover avalanche safety procedures, snow conditions and different touring techniques.

Here’s what your skiing itinerary will look like:
Day 1

The foundation of ski touring is avalanche awareness. You’ll do a full day of avalanche skills training to get ready for the week to follow. After avalanche education is done, everyone will ski a run or two with an instructor to fine tune techniques.

Day 2

Ski touring is divided in two stages: ascent and descent. First you’ll climb as fast and efficiently as you can. Depending on the terrain, some techniques are better suited than others. There’s a lot of time spent on developing the correct techniques so that too much energy isn’t wasted on the turns. Of course, certain versions and turn techniques work better for different people. Your guide will work with each individual to find what works best.

Being efficient on the transition from climb to ski is an art in of itself. You will next learn about taking off the skins, storing them correctly and putting your splitboard together. When you reach the top, the real fun will begin. Skiing all kinds of snow comes next.

Days 3-5

During the first two days you’ll get tons of information. It’s always best to go out and practice all that you’ve learned. Experiencing new terrain, different snow, varying weather and new vistas each day will give you the opportunity to learn as much as possible in a relatively short time.

If you want, you can decide to cut the course short and do one extra guided day to improve your skills or you can take 3 more days to explore the amazing surroundings. Try a different tour every day and put your knowledge into practice!

Where we are
Meeting Location
What's included
  • The price includes 6x halfboard accommodation in Bled
  • Vogel resort ticket
  • IFMGA mountain guide
  • Avalanche safety gear (shovel, beacon, probe)
  • Training on ART (Avalanche Rescue Training) polygon
  • All transfers and all technical equipment (ice axe, crampons, ropes, harnesses)

Airfare is NOT included in the price.


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Guides running this program

Rok Zalokar

Rok is an IMFGA mountain guide, instructor for future guides and a member of the technical community with the Mountain Guiding Association in Slovenia. He is a well respected heliski guide with years of experience working in Europe and Alaska, both guiding and educating.

Rok is a member of Pieps pro team, a part of the job that gives him inside knowledge in avalanche education and getting in touch with latest state of the art safety equipment. He has been educating individuals and professionals such as mountain rescue teams and the military about avalanche safety and rescue procedures for the past 5 years.

He grew up in Slovenia with the magnificent Julian Alps as his backyard. At age 13 he was climbing big walls. He was skiing steeps at 15. And at 17, he started expeditions to the Himalayas.

Rok put up a new route on an unclimbed 7070m high Janak mountain in the Himalayas and he has completed several climbing expeditions in Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Patagonia Tibet, Nepal, and India.

He has been guiding in the Alps, Scandinavia, Asia and Alaska, but in the past few years he found his passion in taking his guests to the less explored beautiful mountains of Balkan region and his home, the Julian Alps.

Petra Brajnik

Born in the heart of the Julian Alps, Petra grew up with a deep love for the mountains and nature. Skiing, snowboarding, climbing and later BASE jumping in Slovenian mountains progressed into exploring the hidden jewels all over the world. Being fortunate enough to see different countries and conditions people live in made has made Petra more responsible and mindful of her own surroundings. She's worked with several NGOs on different projects, organized different cultural, art and sport events in her local community and around the globe.

You’ll most likely plan your trip with Petra, she’ll handle all the logistics and give you some great tips and suggestions to make your adventure an unforgettable experience.

Mitja Šorn

Mitja climbs Triglav around 25 times per year. This adds up to almost 200 times and counting over the course of his life so far! He is member of the technical commission of Slovenian Mountain Guides’ Association and an IFMGA instructor. He guides all the ascents in Slovenia, from Triglav’s normal route to its north face, with ice climbing, ski touring, heli skiing and everything else in between.

Aljaž Anderle

Born in 1973, Aljaz has been devoted to alpinism for the past 30 years. Being a part of professional climbing teams has brought him to work with Petzl and Mammut as an athlete and equipment tester. He feels most comfortable ice climbing, skiing and mountain biking and likes to share his passions and experience with all of his guests

Luka Stražar

Luka is an IFMGA mountain guide and an alpinist from Ljubljana. He likes mountains for the broad spectrum of activities the present to challenge both body and mind. Climbing the great ranges is what makes Luka tick. He has one Piolet dOr, his latest ascent puts him on the list for another one. The closest thing to a motto he goes by is: ‘Learn to enjoy the process of trying not to be an asshole.’ No doubt he’s got a great sense of humor to go with that.

Enrico K. Mosetti

At the age of two Enrico started to ski and found his life passion. At seventeen years old he made his first steep ski descent and discovered his favorite method of skiing. Step by step he worked on his skills as skier and alpinist, starting with rock climbing, ice and mixed climbing. At 23 he passed exams to Mountain Guide courses, and at 25 became Aspirant Mountain Guide.

As a guide his specialties are ski-touring, freeridng and avalanche safety. He has also worked for the regional avalanche office (AINEVA FVG) as avalanche observer and tester.

Matjaž Jeran

Matjaž is an ardent rock climber: faces, ridges, you name it, he’ll take you anywhere! He’s a long time professional sport climbing instructor. He’s the founder and owner of the Indoor Sport Climbing center in Ljubljana. He’s always keen to keep families, kids and groups of all sizes safe and happy when climbing.

Igor Kremser

Igor discovered the mountains from the early age. He began climbing at 15 and slowly but surely made it his way of life. He then determined that he did not only want to climb for himself, but he wanted to guide others too. He successfully finished his training and is a mountain guide. His mission as a guide is to provide you the safest and best way to discover mountains, so that you too can explore the vertical world.