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New Zealand Bike Tours

Explore the diverse landscapes of New Zealand on breathtaking bike tours for all skill levels.
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Bike tours in New Zealand

Kerrie Jarman

The Alps2Ocean was such a fantastic journey and Cycle Ventures were just the best hosts you could wish for – the food, the accommodation, the facilities, the local knowledge was all amazing. I loved that everything was taken care of and we just had to concentrate on riding and taking in the wonderful scenery. If you are thinking about riding the Alps2Ocean JUST DO IT and go with Cycle Ventures, you won’t regret it.

Dennis Voulopos

Loved every moment of the tour! I did the Marlborough & West Coast cycle ride and it was a blast, not only the riding but the hotels and restaurants that were part of the package were excellent. Our guide, Peter was amazing, always available, helping, and giving more then expected. He gave us lessons on the area, the animals, birds and offered extra biking and walks. Healthy snacks were provided along with tea stops in the morning. The rental bike was very nice but could have used a few more gears. Highly recommended!

Paul B

My recent Alps to Ocean adventure was so much more than I had expected. The communication beforehand made everything clear, the guides went above and beyond my expectations, the accommodation was fantastic and all the little things (daily briefings, morning teas, helpful assistance for those unfamiliar with an e-bike etc) made the ride so much more enjoyable. I would encourage anyone thinking about riding the Alps to Ocean, or tackling any of the other adventures that Adventure South offer, to make contact with them and to embrace the opportunity.

Dan Fletcher

Adventure South NZ (and Mike, my guide) was a great guide to the southern island. Organized, knowledgeable, kind and fun. Had a great time.

Pedal across some of the wildest trails on Earth

Diverse landscapes beneath your wheels

New Zealand is a land sculpted by glaciers and volcanoes, begging to be explored on two wheels. Steeped in Maori and colonial history, every rolling hill and every bend in the road whispers tales of the long-ago battles and pioneering spirits. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the earth beneath your tires, and discover a country where adventure unfolds with every pedal stroke.

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Where every ride is an adventure

Landscapes that are out of this world

  • Explore volcanoes, secret waterfalls, rugged mountains, and even iconic sights from the Lord of the Rings films like Mount Doom!

Endless itinerary options

  • From smooth sightseeing tours to week-long leg-burning expeditions, riders of all skill levels will find a trail they love. 

Knowledgable local guides

  • Seasoned local guides will help you escape the crowds, find your perfect ride, and stay safe on your journey.
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The best bike rides in New Zealand

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail: 

This epic 312 km/ 193-mile journey traverses the Southern Alps from the snowy peaks of Aoraki / Mount Cook to the crashing waves of Ōkāri/  Okarito on the West Coast. The trail traverses glaciers, native beech forests, golden tussock grasslands, and dramatic river valleys. 

Otago Central Rail Trail:

A beginner-friendly 150 km/ 93-mile rail trail that winds through Central Otago’s stunning high country scenery. You’ll follow the path of a historic railway line, passing by abandoned gold mining sites, dramatic tunnels, and turquoise blue lakes.

Hawke’s Bay Trails:

Explore Hawke’s Bay’s vineyards, orchards, and artisan food producers on this network of interlinking trails. Choose from easy to challenging rides, all amidst beautiful scenery and with plenty of opportunities to sample the region’s famous food and wine.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Zealand bike tours

  • Yes, New Zealand is an excellent cycling destination, and here is why:

    • Diverse landscapes: New Zealand has a wide variety of landscapes, from mountains and glaciers to beaches and rainforests. This means that there are trails to suit all levels of cyclists, from beginners to experienced riders.
    • Great weather: New Zealand has a mild climate year-round, making it a great place to cycle any time of year.
    • Safe cycling: New Zealand is a relatively safe country to cycle in, with a good network of cycle paths and trails.
    • Beautiful scenery: New Zealand is known for its stunning scenery, and cycling is a great way to see it all.
  • Here are some of the most famous cycling trails in New Zealand:

    • The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail: A 312-kilometer (193-mile) trail that starts in the Southern Alps and finishes at the coast. It is a challenging trail, but the views are worth it.
    • The Otago Central Rail Trail: This 150-kilometer (93-mile) trail follows the route of an old railway line. It is a great choice for families and less experienced cyclists.
    • The Tasman Great Taste Trail: A 174-kilometer (108-mile) trail that winds through the famous Marlborough wine region. It is an excellent way to combine cycling with wine tasting and fancier accommodations.
    • The Queen Charlotte Track: This is a 70-kilometer (43-mile) track that goes through the Marlborough Sounds. A fantastic option for cyclists who want to combine cycling with kayaking or boating & experience as much of New Zealand as possible.
  • New Zealand is made up of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island. Cycling across one island is a less challenging option, and the distance is roughly half of the full length of New Zealand. The North Island is approximately 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) long, and the South Island is approximately 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) long. Cycling across one island would typically take between 15 and 25 days to complete.

    Cycling across both of New Zealand’s islands is very challenging, as the route is approximately 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) long. It would typically take between 30 and 40 days to complete, depending on your fitness level and how many rest days you take.

  • The best bike choice for your NZ bike tour depends on several factors, including:

    • Your cycling experience:
      • Beginner: For flat, well-maintained trails, a hybrid bike or a comfortable cruiser could be suitable.
      • Intermediate: Touring bikes or gravel bikes offer versatility for various terrains and potential luggage carrying.
      • Advanced: Mountain bikes with front suspension or full suspension are ideal for tackling rougher terrain and challenging climbs.
    • Your trip type:
      • Day trips: Lightweight road bikes or hybrids for paved paths, or mountain bikes for off-road adventures.
      • Multi-day tours: Touring bikes or gravel bikes designed for carrying luggage and handling diverse terrains.

    For the specific trails or regions you plan to explore, research the terrain and elevation gain of your chosen routes to determine the ideal bike type.

  • The longest continuous cycle trail in New Zealand is the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail, stretching over 312 kilometers (193 miles).

    It starts amidst the Southern Alps at Aoraki Mount Cook and winds its way down to the vibrant coastal town of Oamaru on the Pacific Ocean. This trail offers diverse landscapes, from dramatic mountain passes to rolling farmland and coastal vistas, making it a popular choice for cyclists seeking a challenging and rewarding experience.

  • The Otago Central Rail Trail is 152 kilometers (94 miles) long. The number of days it takes to complete the trail depends on your fitness, pace and how much sightseeing you want to do.

    Most people who bike the entire length take 3-5 days. This allows for a comfortable pace with time to enjoy the scenery and stop at the many historic towns and villages along the way.

    Experienced cyclists can complete the trail in 2 days, but this leaves less time for sightseeing. If you’re a beginner or you want to enjoy the trail at a leisurely pace, allocate 5-7 days to your Otago Central Rail Trail bike tour.

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We're happy to answer any of your questions. Send us an inquiry or talk to one of our adventure planners free of charge.
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