Adam covered:

  • Why Georgia is the hidden gem of Eastern European skiing
  • What to expect and how to prepare for the slopes
  • The best ski spots in the country
  • Tips for winter camping
  • What to bring on your ski trip
  • Getting there, where to stay, and other logistical tips

A rising star in the world of skiing, Georgia is a place worth visiting for the slopes alone. You won’t find any high-end hotels, advanced lift systems, or ritzy nightclubs here. It’s just you, the snow, and unspoiled views all around.

What Georgia lacks in fancy amenities and après-ski action, it more than makes up for on the pow. With a neck-deep snowpack, massive vertical drops, and a near-endless supply of untracked terrain—both treed and alpine —it’s the type of hidden gem you wish to keep for yourself.

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Webinar host

Adam Robenek
Co-founder of Snow Vigil