Unleashing the full potential of adventuring in the outdoors through passionate, local, and certified guides around the globe

Long before we knew the term “adventure sports,” our childhoods were spent outdoors – running, climbing, skiing, and riding bikes. All those hours spent adventuring—getting lost then finding our way again or failing a climb but completing it a year later—taught us how to cope with life and defined us as people. As we grew older, we kept going and searching for adventure across the world, from skiing powder in Alaska, trekking in the Himalayas to climbing in the Alps, and surfing waves in the Caribbean. Little by little we’ve started noticing that it is changing us in unexpected ways.

We became more appreciative of our planet, environment, and the people of all different cultures, colors, and nations that we’ve met along the way. We started looking for opportunities to make an impact. Like choosing jobs that allow us to make a difference, raising our kids with the same open-minded values, or influencing our friends, we want to be a driving force behind positive change in our society.

The transformative effect of being outdoors is the reason we created 57hours. We want to make outdoor sports and adventures available to everyone, anywhere in the world, all while fueling a new generation of more mindful people.

Our self imposed 1% planet tax

1% of our gross sales goes to environmental non-profits. We are a member of the 1% for the Planet® initiative and we pledged to donate every year. Each trip we promote has a non-profit partner for various environmental initiatives that we carefully choose every year.

We run 100% carbon neutral whenever possible and the rest we offset with our contributions to climate change research initiatives. Our servers run carbon free, our adventure are all human powered and our guides are people that will provide mentorship, are environmentally conscious, embrace “Leave No Trace” methods and teach us the ethics and skills we need to go out on our own next time around and keep it sustainable as the industry continues to grow.

Enabling creativity in guiding industry and empowering local communities

Our guides don’t helicopter in, they are part of the communities where they live and work. When you book an adventure you support local jobs and businesses.

The guides we feature live where they are guiding, carry proper permits and are certified by the local guides association.

Through 57hours guides that are passionate have a platform that enables them to become even more creative and offer even wilder trips to a wider audience. We are fueling the creativity that is benefiting both guides and a new generation of adventurers.

Our women equality and diversity education fund

1% or our gross sales goes for guides education grants. It can take years for a guide to get certified and make a decent living. We want them to have enough clients to support their families and aspirations, and make guiding a lifelong sustainable career.

Half of those grants help provide professional training for female and BIPOC guides, from Single Pitch Instructors to advanced certification.

It’s an important numbers game. A single guide, on average, introduces one hundred people to adventure sports every year. By enabling diversity in the guiding community, the impact is many times greater.

Our name

There are 57 hours from 3:00 pm, Friday, to midnight, Sunday. For years, we maximized those hours, skipping out on work early at the end of the week, packing the car with gear, driving off to climb, hike, ski, run or sail, and returning late Sunday, tired, happy and fully recharged.

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