Who We Are

Starting when we were kids, we spent tons of time outdoors. We climbed rocks, skied in our vineyards, biked and ran in the woods long before we knew the term ‘adventure sports.’

All those hours we spent figuring out how to climb up a crag or ski down a mountain, getting lost then finding our way, failing a climb then succeeding a year later, all these things helped define us as people and became a big part of our identities.

We honestly believe that because we actively participated in every kind of outdoor adventure, because we were always trying something new and challenging, we became stronger, healthier and, most importantly, happier.

These experiences played a big role in helping us become better people, enabled us to face everyday challenges with less stress, be more successful at work, have great families, and raise amazing, brave and strong kids.

While we love to travel, climb, ski, surf, explore and talk about all of it, nothing makes us happier than when we introduce friends to adventures and are able to watch how their lives change for the better. So, we created 57hours. Welcome.

Founders Perica Levatic and Viktor Marohnic climbing in Omiš, Croatia in 2020 during one of their traditional annual 57hours retreats.
Founders Perica Levatic and Viktor Marohnic climbing in Omiš, Croatia in 2020 during one of their traditional annual 57hours retreats.
Viktor and Karmen Marohnic with their family during a Grand Teton climb in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Viktor and Karmen Marohnic with their family during a Grand Teton climb in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
What we believe

What We Believe

Adventure sports keep us young, healthy and happy.

Because there is always a bit of unknown out there, we learn how to focus and solve problems. Little adventures keep us young and problem-solving keeps us sharp and we benefit from those skills both personally and professionally.

We make friends and grow friendships stronger.

Spending time in the outdoors, adventuring into uncharted terrain, facing challenges and solving problems together is the best way to develop strong relationships and keeps us close to our best friends and families.

Great mentorship is the key in unlocking our full potential.

We love to learn from people with more experience and we learned that the hard way. Life is short and while we enjoy banging our heads against the wall until we figure it out on our own, sometimes it’s simply smarter to step on someone’s shoulders. Great mentors and guides keep us safe, teach us everything from ethics to skills, but also help us achieve our goals sooner.

Our name

There are 57 hours from 3:00 pm, Friday, to midnight, Sunday. For years, we maximized those hours, skipping out on work on Friday, packing the car with gear, driving off to climb, hike, ski, run or sail, and returning late Sunday, tired, happy and fully recharged.

Just like you, our lives got busy with work and families, but we still wanted to chase adventure. We started asking ourselves: how do we get the most out of our weekends?

By sharing beta on adventures and guides within our global network of outdoor enthusiasts, we had fewer misses and more weekend adventures successfully accomplished. So — voilà — 57hours was the name we choose for our new project.

Our mission

We are creating an open platform that will connect you and trained and certified outdoor adventure professionals all over the world. Using our knowledge of the technology we make it super easy to find and book adventures worth tackling and guides worth booking all gathered from locals and first-hand experiences.

On the other hand, we are really excited about building a platform that will enable a passionate community of local guides all over the world to share their amazing itineraries, fill up their trips quickly, build up their client base faster, and have successful and sustainable careers from the day one.

We see 57hours benefiting everyone involved, guides, local communities, our environment, clients like us and you while keeping us all safe, helping save time, take the guesswork out of the planning process, because every weekend should be for playing in the outdoors and enjoying it to the fullest.

What we believe

About Our Guides

The guides we feature all carry proper permitting and are certified and trained by the foremost organizations for guiding in their locations like the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) or the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG).

We value guides who are passionate about mentorship, are environmentally conscious, embrace Leave No Trace methods and teach us the ethics and skills we need to go out on our own next time around.

In return, we’re devoted to supporting the important work of guiding. It can take years for a guide to get certified and make a decent living. We want them to have enough clients to support their families and aspirations, and to keep educating people on environmental sustainability. Without them, we can’t make the most of our 57 hours.


When we talk about sustainability, we are thinking about two things. One is the environment, but another equally important are the people who are trying to make a living working in the outdoor industry. We want to help dedicated professionals in the local communities all over the world to have a steady inflow of clients and work that will generate enough income to support themselves and their families. Here especially we are thinking of young guides who sometimes take a whole decade to be able to make enough money for a decent living.

What are EPIC Badges?

Epic Badges are awarded twice per year to select trips that have outstanding guides, well-thought-out itineraries, a nod to sustainability and education, and inspiring outdoor environments. These trips leave no one indifferent.

Curious about a new sport? Try one of these.
Half- to full-day excursions, these adventures are designed to make you fall in love with a sport. Always wanted to try mountain biking, backcountry skiing, kite-surfing or something else? These well-rounded jaunts have it all—great guides, beautiful scenery, the perfect terrain for beginners or anyone who wants to mix up their routine for a day.

Crank it up — these adventures will challenge you.
You’ve developed a love for the sport—surfing, rock climbing or something else—and now you want to get better or conquer more challenging terrain. Take your skills to the next level and increase your technical knowledge. Soon you’ll be leading your friends into the wild. These trips will increase your know-how on climbing techniques, mountain biking skills, reading the snowpack and weather patterns, navigating in the wilderness solo and more.

Bucket list trips around the world you’ll spend years recounting.
You live (and, more importantly, travel) to climb, ski, surf or something else. You’re planning your annual vacation around your activity of choice and want it to be perfectly executed so you can have the best chance at reaching the summit. This level of the trip is perfectly executed so you can achieve your goal and make it a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime — all while also enjoying the great local food and wine your guide recommended.

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