Host will cover:

  • Why every mountain fanatic should try summiting Matterhorn
  • The different routes and choosing the right one for you
  • What it takes to reach the top
  • How to prepare for your expedition
  • The clothes and gear you’ll need
  • Getting there and other logistical considerations

With its jagged pyramid straddling the Swiss-Italian border, Matterhorn might just be the most recognizable peak in the world. Everyone has heard tales of the striking faces and the rugged ridges—but do you know what it takes to actually reach the top?

Summiting Matterhorn is every aspiring alpinist’s life-long dream. However, overcoming the mountain’s steep and unforgiving flanks requires excellent physical fitness, technical finesse, and sure-footedness. Plus, even if you’re comfortable in your crampons and can scramble like a spider monkey, the high exposure, navigational complexities, and pitfalls riddling the routes make the climb a formidable challenge.

That’s exactly why you should tune in to our free hour-long webinar! Whether it’s fitness and skill requirements or gear and logistics, an expert guide with years of mountaineering experience will cover everything you need to reach this iconic summit.

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