Rob covered:

  • Alpine climbing – the history and cultural impact
  • Getting into the sport and why it’s easier than you think
  • How to train and prepare for your objective
  • The gear you’ll need or should consider getting
  • A clear progression path with detailed examples
  • Pro tips from an IFMGA guide with years of experience

Since humans could walk, we’ve been summiting mountains. 

Alpine climbing is one of the purest and most rewarding experiences you could have in the great outdoors. Nothing beats the rush of pushing your body and mind in a spectacular montane environment.

It’s not only about reaching the top, though. It’s about being one with the wilderness. About learning to respect the mountain and the legacy of those that came before. Getting to know the person on the other side of that rope, as well as yourself.

However, going from non-climber nor weekend cragger to peak bagger is no small feat. If you don’t want your ascent to go downhill, you’ll need to learn challenging movement techniques, master a wide variety of gear, garner extensive experience on variable terrain, and much more.

We don’t want to leave you aspiring alpinists hanging, which is why we’re hosting a FREE WEBINAR on starting and progressing your alpine climbing!

Learn how to take your first steps into the world of alpine climbing, as well as advance your alpine skills to the next level, from an expert IFMGA guide with years of experience leading expeditions all over the world.

With good fundamentals and a well-laid-out progression plan, nothing can stop you from reaching your peak!

Webinar host

Rob Coppolillo

Rob Coppolillo is an AMGA and IFMGA Mountain Guide, and the owner of Vetta Mountain Guides. In fact, Rob’s one of the first 100 Americans to have earned international certification through the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA). Having lived in Boulder, Colorado, for 30 years, he now bases in Chamonix, France, with his wife and two sons. He’s a freelance writer who speaks English, Italian and French, and his most recent book, “The Ski Guide Manual,” was published by Falcon Guides in November 2020.