Lorenzo covered:

  • The ins and outs of climbing and sailing tours
  • The benefits of having a mobile home base
  • Inside info on finding the best-hidden, least-crowded routes
  • Everyday life aboard a send-boat
  • Anything else you’re interested in (it’s a Q&A, after all!)

Sailing and climbing are a match made in heaven.

A sailboat offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to access otherwise inaccessible routes, discover hundreds of hidden gems, and minimize the time spent traveling from rock to rock. 

It’s the perfect way to dodge the crowds and streamline difficult approaches, with the added benefit of swimming in pristine seas and sleeping under the open skies.

 If there’s anything you’d like to know about the climbing and sailing combo, tune in to our FREE Q&A SESSION.

Talk to an expert guide and learn first-hand what it’s like to glide across the seas while scouring for secret routes, and why it pays to have a mobile home base on your crusher’s odyssey.

Webinar host

Lorenzo Pernigotti
Skipper, passionate climber and founder of Vertical Sailing Tour

Passionate about outdoor sports since a young age, Lorenzo chose to live pursuing his passions and sharing his enthusiasm with his clients. In the winter he teaches them how to ski by working as a ski instructor, while in the summer he makes them experiencing his favorite combo: sail & climb! Head of the Vertical Sailing Tour, onboard he becomes the skipper. But don’t think about him as a regular skipper, as soon as the boat stops, you might see him starting to make some cocktails, cooking some Italian risotto, spearfishing the dinner, climb a sea stuck, and flying down a mountain on his paraglider.