Lorenzo shared:

  • What makes Sardinia so unique
  • Where to find the best climbing spots
  • A glimpse into authentic Sardinian culture
  • How to get the best local experience
  • How this unique sailing & climbing expedition looks like
  • Life on the boat
  • The unforgettable memories Sardinia gives

Sardinia as seen from the sea is all splendor. And for climbers, the remote paradise is a siren’s call. With nearly 6,000 sport routes and 1,000 multi-pitches, skipper and climber Lorenzo Pernigotti came up with the perfect idea—combine luxury sailing along the island’s coastline with top-of-the-line climbing in one unforgettable package.

This week-long sports holiday kicks off with a cruise into the sunset at the Portisco Marina, and from then on it’s day after day packed with excitement and pleasure. Under the supervision of IFMGA guides acquainted with every hidden cove and world-class crag of Sardinia’s coastline, you’ll climb some of the best granite, basalt and dolomite in Europe.

Then, after a day on the rocks, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the breathtaking nature around you. Cool off with a scuba dive, enjoy a cold drink with a fishing rod in hand, or soak up some sun on a sandy beach as the gentle bob of the Mediterranean murmurs in the background. This is a trip like no other.

In this one-hour webinar, Lorenzo told us about his journey in search of the best rock climbing spots by the sea. He painted a picture of Sardinia’s sublime beauty and illustrated what a week with his crew looks like from their floating base camp.

Webinar host

Lorenzo Pernigotti
Skipper, passionate climber and founder of Vertical Sailing Tour

Passionate about outdoor sports since a young age, Lorenzo chose to live pursuing his passions and sharing his enthusiasm with his clients. In the winter he teaches them how to ski by working as a ski instructor, while in the summer he makes them experiencing his favorite combo: sail & climb! Head of the Vertical Sailing Tour, onboard he becomes the skipper. But don’t think about him as a regular skipper, as soon as the boat stops, you might see him starting to make some cocktails, cooking some Italian risotto, spearfishing the dinner, climb a sea stuck, and flying down a mountain on his paraglider.