Heidi shared:

  • Her photos and videos of climbing in the gorgeous Kalymnos
  • How to filter through 3400 of Kalymnos’ routes and find one for you
  • Why Kalymnos is the perfect venue for a yoga & climbing retreat
  • What climbing on one of Europe’s best limestones is like
  • The sense of community you feel the second you step on Kalymnos
  • The island’s rich culture, cuisine and tradition
  • Where to stay, what to see and where to get gear
  • Logistics behind every successful Kalymnos climbing trip

We have figured out the makings of a perfect adventure. The formula goes something like this — thousands of sport climbing routes on Europe’s best limestone, irresistible culture and food to match, a welcoming community, and a rejuvenating yoga session to wrap up each of the incredible seven days in Kalymnos, Greece. The area is full of hidden climbing treasures and AMGA Rock Guide Heidi Wirtz is here to share the ins and outs of a week-long climbing yoga retreat, set in what has to be paradise on Earth, that will change how you climb.

If the photos aren’t enough to fuel your daydreams about climbing Europe’s best limestone, check out this free webinar and get all the info you need for planning your own trip.

Webinar host

Heidi Wirtz
AMGA Rock Guide, yoga teacher and owner of Earth Play Retreats

Currently based in Colorado, Heidi is an AMGA-certified Rock Guide and yoga instructor currently working towards her IFMGA certification. She can typically be found guiding around the Colorado Front Range and the Western United States, but she also hosts transformational climbing and yoga retreats through her company Earth Play Retreats. Kalymnos is where her two favorite activities — yoga and climbing — come together in one of her favorite places.