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Guided & Self-Guided Hikes in Norway

Epic fjords, heart-pounding climbs, and postcard-perfect vistas…Visit Norway and discover its rugged beauty. Our guided and self-guided hikes in Norway cater to all adventurers, from seasoned trekkers to curious beginners. Conquer iconic landmarks like Pulpit Rock and Trolltunga alongside experienced local guides, or blaze your own trail on crowd-free hidden gem hikes. Unleash your inner explorer – in Norway!
Classic hikes
Bucket-list trips for all skill levels
Rear view of couple contemplating scenic mountain valley with old wooden houses in Norway
Hidden gems
Adventures beyond the touristy trails
Three girls hiking in Norway
All-women hiking tours
Spectacular hikes & sisterhood vibe
Woman kayaking in fjord in Norway.
Active vacations
Hike, dive, kayak, raft & more!
Classic hikes
Bucket-list trips for all skill levels
2-8 days /  From $135 /  2 Trips
Rear view of couple contemplating scenic mountain valley with old wooden houses in Norway
Hidden gems
Adventures beyond the touristy trails
5-8 days /  From $1,980 /  2 Trips
Three girls hiking in Norway
All-women hiking tours
Spectacular hikes & sisterhood vibe
7 days /  From $1,020 /  2 Trips
Woman kayaking in fjord in Norway.
Active vacations
Hike, dive, kayak, raft & more!
5-8 days /  From $2,060 /  2 Trips

Walk among the fjords and explore beyond the Arctic Circle

Norway’s majestic fjords are calling, but who says you have to follow the crowd? Our expertly led and customizable hikes offer the perfect blend of iconic adventures (think Pulpit Rock and Trolltunga) and off-the-beaten-path explorations. Hike with confidence alongside our local guides, or embark on a self-guided journey & explore at your own pace. We’ll tailor your Norway hiking adventure and help you create memories that last a lifetime.

Northern lights and woman on mountain peak at night. Aurora borealis and silhouette of alone girl on mountain trail. Landscape with polar lights. Sky with stars and bright aurora. Travel background

Our guided and self-guided hikes cater to all adventurers, from seasoned trekkers to curious beginners. With a local guide by your side and us helping with the logistics, get ready for carefree hiking in the land of the Vikings!

Local experts lead the way

Tackle iconic trails with peace of mind, because you have an experienced local guide by your side. Avoid the crowds, discover local favorite spots, and dive into the flora, fauna, and history  of the area.

Hikes for all wishes, needs & fitness levels

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a diverse range of itineraries tailored to all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or an eager beginner, we have the perfect adventure waiting for you.

Ditch the planning panic

Planning a Norwegian hiking adventure can feel overwhelming. We take the stress out of the equation by helping with all the logistics. No headaches, only hikes!

Two women hiking in Norwegian mountains

Norway’s dramatic landscapes are a playground for hikers, offering challenges and rewards for every skill and fitness level. Three hikes, in particular, capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression – and are essential highlights of multi-day hikes in Norway:


This moderate 12-km/ 7.4 mi hike takes you to a wedged boulder precariously balanced between two mountain peaks. Standing atop it, with a sheer drop on either side, is an extremely thrilling (and photogenic) experience.

Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock is a flat, clifftop plateau overlooking the Lysefjord, famous for its show-stopping panorama of fjords, mountains, and waterfalls. The hike there is a well-maintained trail of approximately 4 km/ 2.4 mi long, perfect for family trips.


The hike to Trolltunga is the most challenging of the three – a 22-km/ 13.6 mi round trip with significant elevation gain. This iconic rock formation juts out dramatically from a mountainside, offering a seemingly precarious perch with unparalleled views.

Side view of a man with dog contemplating scenic mountain valley with old wooden houses in Norway

Guided & Self-Guided Hikes in Norway

Meet the guides in the area

Brage James Fuglestad
Backyard Svalbard
James is an Arctic Nature Guide in Longyearbyen, and his knowledge of the area is supreme. His unique background in skiing techniques, avalanche decision making and the ability to create a good atmosphere in the group is exactly what you need to have a safe and enjoyable tour.
Louis Pauchet
Backyard Svalbard
Louis is a qualified Svalbard guide with passion and dedication for ski touring in the Arctic. When he’s not guiding, Louis likes to do some climbing, biking, kayaking and sailing. His educational background included an impressive focus on polar climatology.
Wenche Løfsgaard
Walking Women
Meet Wenche, your guide through Norway's Espedalen Valley. With a deep love for nature and a passion for exploration, Wenche is passionate about leading people from all over the world on unforgettable hiking adventures through breathtaking Norwegian landscapes. Her extensive knowledge of the area and her warm, friendly demeanor create a welcoming and enriching experience for all as she shares her expertise, and brings people closer to the beauty and tranquility of Espedalen's trails.
Stian Ruud
Stian Ruud
Trolltunga Adventures
Before he founded Trolltunga Adventures, Stian travelled the world and fell in love with experiencing different cultures. Today he introduces the traditional Norweigan culture to his clients. Guiding only small groups ensures the clients feel as if they were hiking with their best friends, while trying out staple local specialties and discovering the stunning vistas of Trolltunga.
Celine Jessen from Trolltunga Adventures
Celine Jessen
Trolltunga Adventures
Celine is the general manager and a guide of Trolltunga Adventures. Having grown up in Bergen, she moved to Odda in 2017 and fell in love with the Hardanger area—a place of glaciers, mountains, fjords, and waterfalls. When Celine isn’t in the mountains guiding, she spends her free time hiking, skiing, running, and fishing.
Pille Mitt
Mitt Yoga
Originally from Estonia, Pille now lives and works in Norway as a yoga teacher, a fitness trainer, a nutritionist, and a lifestyle coach. Her goal is to help her clients stay fit and healthy, so they can enjoy their next outdoor adventure and be the best version of themselves. Apart from guidance and teaching yoga, Pille also offers hiking and yoga retreats in Alaska, Estonia, Thailand, Guatemala, Norway, Italy, and more.
What do people think of our Guided & Self-Guided Hikes in Norway?

A great active holiday in beautiful Norway! Everything was very well organized and the program was well-thought-out. The varied and challenging hiking trails and relaxing yoga classes fit together perfectly, allowing you to get away from everyday life. Endlessly grateful for this extraordinary experience!

Sally Davies

I loved every minute of this retreat, me and my mum were not as fit as the rest of the group and pillie stayed with us the whole time as slow as we were. Everything was well organized (according to the weather) pillie is an amazing person and the retreat for both me and my mother was an unforgettable experience!

Jean-Francois Noel

We have done: kayak, mountain biking, paddle and kanoe at Outdoor Norway with our family of 4, one 10 years old and one 14. Each time we had a great time, the guides were really nice with the kids and we always felt secured. We were not very skilled but they always adapted the tempo and gave very good explanations. The equipement was excellent and in very good condition (Super cool mountain bikes :-)). We really felt like they were here for us to have a good time unlike another club in Voss it didn’t feel like a tourist cash machine, it felt family like and chill. We highly recommend Outdoor Norway for families but it certainly works great for experienced folks too, the guides are highly skilled and very playful 🙂 Big thanks to our guides Ruben, Mattis and Miro.


Fortunate to of experienced 4 or 5 trips with walking women. Love the diversity of trips, the choices, ability to spend time within the group of extraordinary women or time independently. Nothing is missed, such a treat to have everything planned for you. Would highly recommend to all.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Guided & Self-Guided Hikes in Norway

  • Absolutely!

    Norway is a hiker’s haven with some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. From dramatic fjords and towering mountains to lush valleys and glaciers, Norway offers challenging and rewarding trails for hikers of all skill levels.

    Norway is also home to some of the world’s most famous natural viewpoints, like Pulpit Rock, Trolltunga, and Kjeragbolten. These hikes offer incredible views and unforgettable experiences, but they can also be challenging.

  • Summer is the best time for a Norway hiking holiday. 

    In the summertime, you get the warmest weather and longest daylight hours (including the possibility of experiencing the midnight sun). Also, most trails are snow-free, and most tourist facilities will be open.

    However, summer is also the most crowded time to visit Norway, the prices are higher, and mosquitoes can be a nuisance.

    The shoulder seasons offer pleasant temperatures, fewer crowds, and beautiful fall foliage in September. However, some higher-altitude trails will be inaccessible due to the weather conditions, and many tourist facilities will be closed.

    Winter (December through March) can be a beautiful time in Norway if you enjoy wintery landscapes. There are much fewer people on the trails, and there’s a greater chance of catching the Northern Lights.

    However, the weather can get extremely cold, many trails are inaccessible due to snow, and you have limited daylight hours to enjoy your hike.

  • You can’t hike a fjord – it’s a body of water, after all!

    However, the areas surrounding the fjords offer some of the most scenic hikes in the world. Preikestolen and Trolltunga both overlook the fjords, and they’re famed for their impressive panoramas.

  • Norway is an extremely safe country to visit. So safe, in fact, that it made it to #4 on the list of the safest vacation destinations worldwide!

    However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a good head on your shoulders, especially on your hike. The biggest dangers in Norway for hikers are related to the environment. These include:

    • Rapid weather changes: Weather in Norway can change quickly, with rain, fog, and strong winds appearing suddenly.
    • Difficult terrain: Many trails are challenging, with steep inclines, loose rocks, and uneven surfaces.
    • Isolation: Some trails lead through remote areas with limited phone reception and few people around.

    To maximize safety, booking guided hiking tours in Norway is your best bet!

  • Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. However, this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on your vacation. Here are some tips for a budget-friendly Norway walking or hiking tour.

    Hike in the shoulder seasons: Prices tend to be lower outside the peak summer months of June-August.

    Consider self-catering: Cooking your own meals can significantly reduce your food budget.

    Look for free activities: Explore the stunning scenery on free hiking trails or visit free museums on designated days.

    Take advantage of public transportation: Norway has a good public transport system, which can be a cost-effective way to get around.

    Choose guided or self-guided Norway hiking tours: This may sound counterintuitive, but your local guide will help you avoid overspending, tourist traps, and pricy evening spots. 

  • The easiest way to plan a hiking trip to Norway? Let us do it for you!

    If you book your Norway walking tours or hiking adventures with us, we’ll help you manage the packing and logistics, find the right flight, and more. If you need any help, we have Adventure Experts on call 24/7, ready to answer your questions, quell your concerns, and do everything to make your trip planning process as stress-free as possible!

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We're happy to answer any of your questions. Send us an inquiry or talk to one of our adventure planners free of charge.
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