Pille will cover:

  • Why traveling (and especially solo trips) is so empowering
  • What makes Norway the perfect destination for outdoor exploration
  • What makes Molde Norway’s favorite undiscovered gem
  • What it takes to step out of your comfort zone and embark on an adventure
  • How travel can lead to personal development and growth
  • How Pille’s story, experience, and travels ultimately led her to Norway

Been itching to break free from the ordinary and finally set out into the world?

While traveling may seem a bit daunting, especially solo, the rewards are immense. It’s not just about discovering unknown places—it’s also about your own discovery, about finding out what you’re made of, and stepping out of your comfort zone!

We have Pille Mitt joining us for this webinar, a yoga teacher that’s traveled around the world, and ultimately settled in Norway’s charming town of Molde.

Pille is here to share her journey and why she chose Molde as her home and as the base for a hiking & yoga adventure. It boasts typical Norwegian scenery, terrific activity options, and it’s just perfect for a serene retreat.

Deep fjords, rugged mountains, jaw-dropping panoramas, powerful waterfalls, and lush valleys. Views plucked straight out of a postcard and as peaceful as it gets.

If you’re ready to take on a new challenge, tune in to our FREE WEBINAR to learn about the power of travel and outdoor adventures from Pille Mitt! You’ll be looking up flights in no time!

Webinar host

Pille Mitt
Yoga teacher, fitness trainer, lifestyle coach, and nutritionist

Originally from Estonia, Pille now lives and works in Norway, aiming to help other people be the best version of themselves, stay fit and healthy, and support them in their goals. Apart from guidance and teaching yoga, Pille leads hiking and yoga retreats around the world, including Alaska, Estonia, Thailand, Guatemala, Norway, Italy, and more. Pille loves being outdoors and she strives to let other people feel nature’s profound effects on mental health, reducing stress, and much more.