• Why the Laugavegur Trail is considered so remarkable
  • How to prepare and pack for the trip
  • Iceland’s formidable terrain and weather
  • Accommodation in fairytale huts
  • Facts about Iceland you won’t find in brochures
  • Awe-inspiring photos and videos from the trail


Saga will follow up with a live Q&A session, where you can ask her anything you want to know about hiking the enchanting Laugavegur Trail.

Get free professional advice from a local guide whose trips combine wellness and adventure in one of the world’s most incredible landscapes.

After hearing Saga’s story, you’ll be inspired to don your helmet and sound the charge for new adventures in a distant land.

Unleash your inner Valkyrie and enter the realm of the gods

Register for free and join us November 4th, for this free live info-session with Saga Líf, the local guide devoted to building female communities through awe-inspiring adventures.

Concealed in a corner of the Atlantic Ocean, there exists an island where nature reigns supreme. The land of fire and ice, where volcanoes and lava fields meet glacial valleys and fjords. Iceland is a place that cannot possibly exist outside of myth. And yet it does.

Laugavegur, one of the world’s most spectacular hiking trails, is the goblet to drink in all the beauty of the island’s dramatic, desolate landscapes.

In this one-hour session, local guide Saga Líf will tell you all about the hiking trip that crosses into the realm of the gods! This must-do trek starts in the colorful rhyolite highlands, among steamy spring-fed streams and sprawling lava fields. As the trail threads past waterfalls, gorges and lagoons, mountains give way to volcanic lakes and jet-black beaches. Before long, blankets of resplendent moss and geothermal mud pools command the senses. But words don’t do Iceland justice—you have to see it to believe it.

That‘s why local guide Saga Líf designed this all-female trip on the Laugavegur Trail. Her goal is to bring more women into the world of hiking by fostering a safe and nurturing environment in which any adventuress can participate, learn and grow. So take a seat by the fire and heed her tale!

Webinar host

Saga Líf
Local guide and owner of Viking Women

A self-described nature addict, Saga has always been drawn to the beauty of Iceland’s natural world. She became a guide to help other women unleash their inner Valkyries and make meaningful connections through awe-inspiring adventures. Her company Viking Women focuses on all-female trips that combine wellness with Iceland’s otherworldly landscapes.