Hiking Iceland’s Famous Laugavegur Trail

Hike the Famous Laugavegur Trail

Set out on a hiking journey through the Southern Highlands of Iceland and witness the enchanting landscapes and vibrant colors along the iconic Laugavegur Trail. Black volcanic rock, spouting thermal vents, lakes and rolling hills make it one of the most incredible thru-hikes in the world.

The magical and diverse landscape, combined with the long and bright Icelandic summer days, will capture any outdoor enthusiast’s attention. As you hike through dramatic and colorful panoramas formed by millennia of glacial and volcanic activity, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a completely different world.

Why Laugavegur Trail?

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, on the Southern part of the remote island located between Greenland and Norway, the Laugavegur Trail takes you on a multi-day hut-based journey from Landmannalaugar to Thórsmörk and everywhere in between.

Lying on the constantly active geologic border between North America and Europe, Iceland is a land of unusual variety and contrasts. Laugavegur Trail captures the best of its geology—from vibrant green moss and jet black sand deserts, snow and steamy springs, pink flowers emerging from the seemingly barren land, to turquoise lakes and lava fields.

  • 63°52′ N AND 19°14′ E
Colourful mountains of Iceland
The location of the Laugavegur trail on the full map of Central and North Europe.
The Laugavegur trail on a zoomed map of Iceland.

Iconic trail in the land of fire and ice


In Iceland, the cliche is true: If you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes—you can expect to experience four seasons in a single day. Same can be said for Iceland’s otherworldly and diverse landscapes on the Laugavegur Trail.

As you move through the valleys and across glaciers and deserts, you’ll understand why it was dubbed “the Land of Ice and Fire”— the vistas of brightly-colored misty mountains and the contrasting everchanging surroundings won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The rainbow-hued hills of Landmannalaugar won’t leave anyone disappointed, that’s for sure. In Iceland, hot springs are a way of life. This Secret Lagoon and its misty hot waters are key to relaxation in Icelandic wilderness


Following an ancient pathway across petrified lava, azure lagoons and ashen fields, you’ll explore all the crowd favorites, like Álftavatn lake and valleys of mythic proportions.

The Laugavegur Trail takes you on a colorful journey as you encounter red, gold, and green hues dappled with the whitest snow, black sand glistening with shards of obsidian, sparkly waterfalls, and turquoise lakes.

Stunning contrast of the Landmannalaugar
Iceland's landscape is dotted with green mountains and volcanoes


Walk past steaming hot springs, small gorges, and stunning yellow mountain ridges contrasting the blue skies. You’ll hike for about 4 hours before reaching the Hrafntinnusker mountain hut.


Descend down to the gullies of Jökultungur and witness the beauty of hundreds of steaming hot springs and mud pools. Soak up the fresh air and fascinating views of the Álftavatn area, the Swan Lake, and the Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull glaciers.


Prepare for unbelievable sights of the verdant volcano Hattfell, and stop at the magnificent Markarfljót canyon, one of the most impressive and stunning canyons in Iceland not visited by many.


After several hours of hiking through lush green valleys, descend into Þórsmörk’s, one of the country’s most popular hiking destinations and a favourite location for photographers and nature lovers alike. Parts of the area are rich with moss, fern, and birchwood, while jagged ridges and ice-capped peaks crown the horizon.


The completely surreal mountain Mælifell, shaped like a pyramid and adorned by green moss, stands in contrast to the black ash at its feet. This completely uninhabited desert between the Mýrdalsjökull and Torfajökull glaciers has almost no vegetation but the numerous meandering rivers make the region a sight to behold.


Sólheimajökull glacier is an outlet from the mighty Mýrdalsjökull and is surrounded by some of Iceland’s most grand volcanoes. During summertime, a glacier lagoon forms in front of the glacier, adding to the location’s charm. Your expert guide will be there to ensure your safety and take you on a unique glacier walk.


Located between the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull, this pass offers stunning panoramic views of glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, and expansive landscapes. There’s a narrow trail that leads from the Skógar village, past waterfalls, up to the pass, and to the Þórsmörk valley. Along the way, you’ll encounter stunning natural wonders like lava fields, craters, glaciers, and the unique geological formations that characterize Iceland’s landscape.

A surreal experience awaits

Otherworldly adventure under the Midnight Sun


There are many reasons to tackle the Laugavegur trail, and the magnificent views are only one of them.

You will spend your nights in one of traditional mountain huts with heating while you enjoy delicious Icelandic meals and relax and rejuvenate in steaming natural hot springs and mud pools.

Experience the raw and primal traditions of the island, connect with nature, and energize your body, mind, and soul in the peaceful and breathtaking environment that can only be found in Iceland.

Solheimajokull glacier

Enjoy the company

Sleeping with your travel buddies in huts in the middle of Icelandic vastness creates unbreakable bonds. Combine cultural immersion and awe-inspiring scenery into one unforgettable experience.

As you share the long and bright Icelandic summer days with people from other sides of the world, you’ll feel like you’re on a big family trip!

This journey hosts anywhere from 6 to 16 travelers looking for an adventure.

  • 63°52′ N AND 19°14′ E

Meet your guides


The Arctic Adventures family consists of adventurous and highly qualified people from all over the world.

Some people are passionate river rafters or mountain climbers, while others really thrive on numbers and calculations. There is one thing, though, which they all have in common: a tremendous love and passion for outdoor adventures and total respect for nature. 





We were in Iceland for celebrating our marriage anniversary and Extreme Iceland/Arctic Adventures didn’t disappoint us. It was a very well planned 5 days tips covering almost everything we wanted to see in Iceland. Our tour guide (Vik) was very friendly, helpful and awesome person. He showed us the right locations for northern lights and we got amazing pictures too. The glacier hiking was an amazing experience with Chris.

Highly recommend and thank you Arctic Adventures for a memorable trip.

Hayley M
We did the Laugavegur tour with Caroline as our guide. I was supposed to be doing this tour with a friend and last minute they couldn’t not attend so I was a bit anxious about going alone with a group. Caroline was great, I immediately felt at ease and the group itself were super nice. The scenery was absolutely stunning. Highly recommend.

Wonderful experience with a small group (16 people) and an experienced guide, Hjalti (and others). We could not go to the Fimmvörðuháls pass because of unfavourable weather; nevertheless, I will never forget this tour.

I would have liked to know in advance that this tour is actually made up of the 6 day Laugavegur Trek tour plus two day tours (Glacier Experience, and Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon); I was instead expecting to be with the same group for the whole time.

The glacier hike was amazing! Marco was the best—he was extremely knowledgeable and attentive. He made us all feel extremely safe. The arctic team made sure all of the equipment fit appropriately and their attention to each person was excellent. I would use them again. A great company.
Cyndi Maupin

We had Aaron with Artic Adventure guide us for the Languvegur Trek. He was very knowledgeable and kept us on track. I would highly recommend Aaron. The trek was amazing and beautiful. When I signed up for a 4 day trek I didn’t realize the first day was just getting to the trailhead with a 5 mile loop to base camp. The actual trek we did in 3 days which made that 1st day very long and hard. This probably needs to be spelled out better in your information explaining the trek.

Nicole Howard

Aaron was an incredible guide! Not only was he knowledgeable and kind, he stayed positive and encouraged me when I felt like giving up. He was really more like family and I would recommend him as a guide over anyone I have ever worked with.

Anthoiny Edwards

Hokan from Arctic Adventure was the guide on my trip. He was incredible and made it a very special experience. He was knowledgeable, hard working, thoughtful and allowed all group members to get the most out of it; allowing for varying levels of fitness and ability. His knowledge of the landscape and Iceland history and folklore made it even more interesting

The trek is a very special place


I had an amazing trip to Iceland. Our guide Matthew was excellent and kept the group motivated, cheerful and well fed!

Stanton Koch

Louis is a wonderful guide which, as a geologist, he compliments with geology highlights which, being iceland, there are many. It is iceland so it came be windy, cold, and wet. But it is also beautiful and very painterly. The food was good for camp food and the accommodations were, well, huts. Overall a classic hike and well run.

paul woolson

Sara really “made” this trip. Her knowledge of the area could not be stumped (and we actually tried).
She did an amazing job of moving quickly enough so faster hikers didn’t get bored, yet never leaving anyone too far behind. A very delicate balance that she has mastered. Breathtaking beautiful hike. We tacked on two extra days to do touristy stuff. Though I’m glad I got to see the south coast and golden circle, dealing with people is challenging after an isolated hike like that.

Tracy Counihan

Louis made the trip exceptional

Stephanie IrlbacherFox

Arvid was the best guide. Thoughtful, well-organized, congenial, and was constantly attuned to the present and anticipated needs of the group. His energy was inspiring and his passion and excitement for hiking and Iceland, and sharing it with others, was infectious. We felt very lucky to have had the benefit of his energy, knowledge, leadership, and amazing cooking skills. Thank you for an amazing vacation! One of the best hikes we have done. The weather was amazing, the scenery breathtaking, the group was collegial and pleasant, and no predators or insects to worry about. Definitely worth a repeat trip to Iceland.

Jodie Brewer

Orri was great! Awesome guide, educational and an exceptional cook!

Marina Aviles Olmos

A great guide: patient and assertive, giving attention to all members in the group, very friendly and keeping us all together. Amazing views over the landscape, great group of participants and a super friendly guide. All the best!

Jeffrey Scott Harpell

Aaron was knowledgeable and friendly. He also made sure slower hikers were in his sight and never pressured any hikers to overextend themselves. I always felt safe and out of danger even though some parts of the trail might seem intimidating. Good sense of humor and all around expert guide. Mind boggling panoramas that seem like you’re on another planet. From barren lava fields to lush green peaks and valleys. The changes in landscapes are stunning. Mineral deposits create an artist’s palette in the lower mountainous regions.

Fenny Kirmil

Orri is the best guide. Not only he knows the trails well, he is always honest about the challenges along the trails and I appreciate that. His cooking is the best and I enjoyed all the meals he made. It’s quite challenging adventures but it teaches me how to overcome my fears. Breathtaking view from day 1 to end. I would do it again next year and more prepared

Michael Taylor

Aaron was fantastic! Very fun, informative and kept the group motivated with some challenging days physically for some. Was very polite, kind and sincere in sharing Iceland with us all.

Evelyn Alton

Our guide Matt was fantastic and very encouraging for me on the trail. Fantastic cook, I ate VERY well

Definitely a tougher trail than was anticipated per the description and we were very fortunate to have zero rain.

Jennifer Palmer

Zach was amazing! He was very knowledgeable about the area, extremely patient, fun to joke with, and very punctual! Once in a lifetime experience!

Dianne Nestor

Zac was knowledgeable, personable, and motivating. Also a great cook. Much more difficult than I imagined, but I am so glad that I did it! Once in a lifetime experience.

Samantha Orneallas

Deyan was an incredible guide. He was very patient and kind and funny. And was an excellent cook.

There were several people on our trip that were not the easiest to deal with, and were very disrespectful towards him and the rest of our group but he handled it all with grace.

The Laugevegur Trek was amazing. And I did the 8 day with 4 days added on.

It was incredibly beautiful and such an easy way to see so much beauty of the south.

Laurie Spence

Prostur Sverrisson was amazing we al loved him. He made our 6 day hut to hut adventure incredibly fun and definitely worth every penny. Hiking with him was awesome.

Also our 1 day guide to glaciers and waterfalls . Vjeran was fun and enthusiastic.

Loved every step of the Laugavegur trail.

Silvina Spatocco

My hiking group could not have asked for a better guide! He is very knowledgeable of the area, great source of information and he wasable to accommodate everyone\’s needs or concerns. It was six days of hiking hut to hut in Iceland and I will do it all over again! Our guide was Thrustur Sverrison. My hiking group are thinking of doing another trip in Iceland and requesting to have him again as our guide!

From start to the end of the Laugavegur trail, the scenery was breathtaking, we saw all kinds of wonderful terrain and felt we were part of a movie set!
The huts were rustic but functional, the food was great and we had beautiful weather except for a couple of days.

Jeri Turner

Jamie was great! epic

Stephanie Dow

Thrustur was our guide on our 6 day hike along the Laugavegur Trail. Full of history and stories and fun. Vjeran was our guide from the waterfall and glacier hike. Very dynamic personality and also full of history, stories, and fun. Highly recommend Arctic Adventure Guides Thrustur and Vjeran. Had a great 7 day Laugavegur Trail hike and waterfall and glacier tour. Our guides were excellent, the food was great, and had a great group. The hike was as described in the itinerary. Definitely recommend.

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