What it Takes to Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail


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There’s hiking and then there’s hiking the A.T. One of America’s most iconic footpaths, the Appalachian Trail entices trekkers old and new to an adventure of a lifetime—and the challenge of leaving their footprints along its entire formidable length. At nearly 2,200 miles spanning 14 states, this is one of the longest and most demanding treks in the world.

Guide Michelle Michaud has the answers. She has twice thru-hiked the A.T. and completed countless sections from the Shenandoah to Mount Greylock. Michelle knows all about the thrill and the challenges of this rugged East Coast trail with the white blazes.

Completing the thru-hike is not just a question of stamina, but also of dedication, mental preparation and logistics. In this one-hour webinar, you will find out what it takes to complete the legendary Appalachian Trail, from planning for the months ahead to packing your supplies, training and staying safe on the trail.



  • The difference between section hiking and thru-hiking
  • Training for months on the trail
  • Gear you’ll need and staying minimalist in your packing
  • Planning your nutrition and resupplying along the way
  • Route planning and expected costs
  • The benefits of having an experienced guide
  • Staying safe


Michelle will follow up with a live Q&A session, where you can ask her anything you want to know about completing the legendary Appalachian Trail.
Get free professional advice from a professional guide who has both section hiked and thru-hiked the A.T.

After hearing Michelle’s story, you’ll be marking the next six months on your calendar with big red circles and only one goal in mind—completing the entire 2,200 miles.

Webinar host & partners

Michelle Michaud

Lead Hiking Guide

Michelle Michaud is the founder and primary guide at Wandering Boots, which specializes in adventures on the Appalachian Trail. Since starting to hike the A.T. in 1998, she’s completed the trail several times both in sections and all the way through. Her travels have also taken her hiking and climbing in the UK Highlands. Due to her experience working as an EMT and firefighter, no emergency on the trail can rattle this indefatigable born and bred Mainer.

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The Kingston 30 RECCO pack

Jack Wolfskin

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