Henry will cover:

  • Why Galapagos & Ecuador are a natural paradise
  • Hiking hot spots: Tropical, volcanic, and everything in between
  • Snorkeling, diving, and other awesome activities to get up to
  • Witnessing the wildlife: From giant tortoises to sea lions
  • The importance of sustainable practices and ecotourism
  • What to pack and how to plan your adventure there

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands live and breathe adventure.

Throughout the years, wanderers have underestimated this hidden gem, choosing instead to visit hot spots like Peru and Patagonia.

Those who do, however, miss out — on seeing snow-capped volcanoes tower over verdant valleys, on wandering through ancient ruins that whisper tales of a rich and vibrant past, and on immersing themselves in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Ecuador’s welcoming communities.

Whether you’re snorkeling among coral reefs packed with marine life, trekking through lush cloud forests teeming with exotic flora and fauna, or navigating the wild heart of the Amazon, excitement awaits behind every bend.

Want to learn more about this often-overlooked adventure mecca? Tune in to our FREE WEBINAR. In an hour-long session, local guide and tour operator Henry Sisa will give you an inside look into the endless wonders of Ecuador & Galapagos, from the must-see spots and must-try activities to what to pack, how to get there, and how to prepare for your trip.

By the end, you’ll know why Ecuador & Galapagos deserve top spots on your bucket list.

Webinar host

Henry Sisa
Guide, CEO, and Founder of Adventure Journeys

Henry was born and raised in a small town called La Esperanza in the Ecuadorean countryside. In 2012, he founded Adventure Journeys, the leading local company in adventure travel, with a mission to deliver real experiences with high-quality service and promote his country to visitors. He has also worked as a guide and tour leader, and his expertise as a biologist is in nature, wildlife, and culture.