Albert covered:

  • Exploring the remote reaches of the Arctic
  • Greenland’s hiking trails and what makes them so enchanting
  • What it’s like to kayak among icebergs and fjords
  • Life aboard a sailboat made for Arctic expeditions
  • Chasing the Northern Lights and why September is the perfect time to do it
  • How to pack and prepare for a multisport adventure in Greenland

Between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans floats Greenland, a vast kingdom of ice and the largest island on Earth. In this far-flung land, adventure comes plus-sized.

Compared to the more urban west coast, East Greenland possesses a wild, mysterious charm. Its austere beauty abounds in ravishing landscapes, polar wildlife and waterways made for exploration. Fantastic fjords provide easy boat or kayak access to the island’s Ice Sheet and outlet glaciers, while deep glacial valleys hold a lifetime of scenic hikes.

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Webinar host

Albert Ojembarrena
AIMG Mountain and Glacier Guide

Albert is the owner of Amarok Adventures and has guided adventure treks in Iceland, Greenland, South America, the Faroe Islands, and Nepal. He has also worked as a documentary and travel photographer for international magazines. Based in Iceland since 2015, he travels the country discovering hidden gems and loads of adventures off the beaten path — always with his camera in tow.