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Private Bike Tours in Croatia

Your adventure, your crew, your rules. Enjoy private bike trips for all skill levels led by experienced Croatian bike guides. Benefit from the expertise of private experts who know the best routes, hidden gems, and local secrets. Explore Croatia by bike, your way.
Mountain biking
Rock the best singletrack in Croatia
Road bike adventures tailored to you
Bike & boat tours
Personalized island-hopping odysseys
Multisport adventures
Bike, kayak, hike, snorkel & more!
Mountain biking
Rock the best singletrack in Croatia
8 days /  From $2,270 /  3 Trips
Road bike adventures tailored to you
8 days /  From $3,010 /  2 Trips
Bike & boat tours
Personalized island-hopping odysseys
8 days /  From $3,010 /  3 Trips
Multisport adventures
Bike, kayak, hike, snorkel & more!
8 days /  From $2,270 /  1 Trip

Craft your dream bike adventure in Croatia

Croatia’s allure goes beyond its picture-perfect beaches. Turquoise waters lap against charming villages, while historic trails whisper tales of the past. Imagine experiencing all this at your own pace, on a private cycling tour designed just for you. 

Your experienced local guides will craft an itinerary that perfectly aligns with your interests, whether you dream of a leisurely ride through sun-dappled vineyards, a challenging climb with Mediterranean panoramas, or a family-friendly route through charming coastal towns. Benefit from the expertise of a private guide, your key to unlocking hidden gems, navigating scenic routes that match your fitness level, and sharing fascinating local stories. Unveil Croatia’s secrets and create lasting memories on a private cycling tour that caters to your every desire.

A mountain biker meanders through the island of Vis.

Unlock authentic Croatia with local guides

Private guides will adapt the ride to your needs, help you find your ideal trails, and keep you safe during your adventure! They’ll also share all the best sights to see & dishes and wines to try while helping you avoid crowds and tourist traps.

Itineraries tailored to your needs

Forget cookie-cutter tours! Your guide will work closely with you to craft the perfect itinerary, catering to your fitness level, interests, and desired pace. Explore ancient cities steeped in history, discover secluded coves accessible only by bike, or delve into the heart of Croatia’s national parks – the possibilities are endless.

A fully immersive experience

Our trips go beyond the bike ride. Explore Croatia’s islands on a cozy sailing yacht, taste delicacies at local-favorite family-run restaurants, and rest from the rides on the most scenic secluded beaches. It’s the best way to experience what Croatia is all about.


The Istrian Peninsula is mostly flat, with quiet roads that wind through vineyards, olive groves, charming villages, and some great panoramas of the Adriatic Sea.


Stretching roughly from Zadar to Dubrovnik, Dalmatia is Croatia’s most popular tourist region. Explore challenging routes up and down Velebit mountain or easier coastal rides.

Kvarner Gulf

The Kvarner Gulf offers a beautiful mix of mountains, coastline, and islands. Be sure to take in the stunning views of the islands of Krk, Cres, and Rab.

Bol, Brač, Croatia.

Most popular private bike tours in Croatia

Meet the guides in the area

Your guide
Ivo Jaric
MTB guide
MTB guide, bike mechanic, and tour logistician Ivo has been guiding mountain biking tours for all skill levels since 2016. Although he was born in the continental city of Zagreb, Ivo shares a special bond with the Adriatic coast. When he’s not shredding singletrack, he’s traveling with his mountain-biking wife and trying out artisanal beers in local taverns.
Jelena Rončević
Outdoor enthusiast and physiotherapist
Jelena is an outdoor enthusiast and physiotherapist that likes to spend most of her free time in nature. She is a hiking and mountain biking guide, with an adventurous spirit and passion for shredding!
Kristijan Grubišić
Nomadi Agency
Kristijan (AKA Gruba) is a proud member of the Velebit Mountaineering Society and co-founder of the Nomadi Agency. He spends most of his time on rocks, rivers, sailboats, and bikes—both in Croatia and around the globe. He has traveled the world on a budget, climbed the Himalayas, hitchhiked from Iran to Croatia, explored Siberia, the Sahara, and the bush of Australia. Still, his biggest love remains none other than Velebit.
Ivan Duran Hinić guide
Ivan-Duran Hinić
MTB guide
Dentist by profession and trailblazer by passion, Ivan racked up MTB adventures across the continent. What truly fuels his passion are epic rides, capturing breathtaking photos, and sharing the journey (along with local cuisine and wine!) with friends.
Luka Sarić
Luka Sarić
MTB guide
Luka might be fairly new to the team, but his is far from new to sports—he spends most of his free time climbing, coaching jiu-jitsu and snowboarding! During summer, you will find him cycling and sailing through the Adriatic.
Marko Mršo
MTB guide
Marko loves guiding travelers throughout his country. When he’s not on his bike, he enjoys free climbing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, and camping.
What do people think of our Private Bike Tours in Croatia?
Victoria Treese

The Croatia Mountain Bike and Sail far exceeded my expectations! Ivo, Ivan and Aleks were terrific hosts and did an amazing job! They offered a great itinerary that was based on interests and biking skills within the group. They were accommodative and masterful and fixing the bikes, cooking, cleaning and operating the boat and any equipment. I highly recommend this trip and would love to do it again,


Ivo’s trip was mindblowing! It was so much fun. I’ve never used a mountain bike guide before but Ivo’s unparalleled knowledge of the local trails and history made a massive difference! We rode trails we’d have never ever found (secret entrances to centuries old paths!) and who’d have guessed such trails were such fun bike trails! Techy, rocky, steep, (but only in spots) with steps and switchbacks, plus other more flowy ones cross country kinds, all leading down to little villages, espressos, and jumping in the blue, blue, Adriatic Sea. Adrenaline and sensory overload in the best way. Ivo knows every foot of every trail – gives you the most detailed lowdown of all time- and happens to be a badass rider and humble Croatian bike star, we discovered too. Worth it!

Frequently asked questions about private bike tours in Croatia

  • Croatia is a paradise for cyclists. But why settle for a generic group tour when you can unlock the true magic with a private cycling adventure? Here are 3 reasons why you should book a private bike tour in Croatia:

    1. You can craft the perfect trip for your friends & family: Forget crowds and one-size-fits-all experiences – tailor your journey to the needs & wishes of your group. explore hidden coves accessible only by bike, delve into ancient cities steeped in history, conquer challenging mountain trails with epic views – or take a day off and lounge on a beach! Your private tour is designed around the interests and pace of you and your group alone.
    2. An expert local guide will elevate your adventure: Pedal alongside passionate Croatian locals. Their insider knowledge unlocks the best routes, historical insights, and local secrets. They’ll ensure your safety and curate an experience that perfectly suits your desires, whether it’s a family-friendly route or a thrilling mountain bike challenge.
    3. You get more than just a bike tour: Imagine this. You’re cycling through a charming Croatian village, the scent of lavender in the air. Your expert guide shares local stories, leading you to a hidden beach for a refreshing swim. Later, you savor a delicious lunch prepared with fresh, local ingredients, feeling truly immersed in the Croatian way of life. This is the magic that awaits on a private cycling tour in Croatia.
  • If you aren’t confident in your cycling or MTB skills, a private tour is actually the best way to go!

    To start off, private tours allow us your guides to tailor the ride to your fitness level. They can design family-friendly rides, moderate journeys through scenic landscapes, or challenging mountain bike adventures, all based on what you want and how you feel that day.

    You also have the freedom to craft your dream itinerary, focusing on specific interests and going at your own pace. And if you’re not feeling adventurous that day, your local guides can curate experiences beyond just cycling – restaurants, beach days, museum visits, etc.

  • Booking a private bike tour in Croatia is easy! All you have to do is follow 4 simple steps:

    1. Reach out to us
    Fill out the form or book a call and reach out to us with details/idea what you would like to do in Croatia.

    2. Hop on a call with our Adventure Experts
    Planning an adventure trip can be time-consuming, leave it to us and skip all the hassle.

    3. Get a custom quote/itinerary
    We will make sure that your travel plans align with your expectations and desires.

    4. Book your private adventure
    Your guide will reach out to you with all the details. Start getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime!



  • Absolutely! Croatia is a fantastic destination for a family cycling adventure, and private tours are a perfect way to ensure everyone has a fun and memorable experience.

    These tours can be designed with your family’s fitness level in mind. We can create scenic routes with gentle inclines, perfect for exploring charming villages and soaking in the scenery. For more adventurous families, we can incorporate shorter sections with moderate hills or even electric bikes for a relaxing ride with stunning views!

    Your private guide will prioritize everyone’s safety, choosing traffic-calmed roads and designated cycling paths whenever possible. They’ll also be there to offer support and encouragement throughout the ride.

    Beyond the cycling, your guide can incorporate family-friendly activities like swimming at hidden coves, enjoying gelato breaks at charming cafes, or visiting historical sites that spark children’s imaginations.

  • Bike and boat tours offer a unique blend of active exploration and relaxation, perfect for those who want to experience a destination from multiple perspectives. Here are some of the key benefits:

    • Variety and flexibility: These tours combine the thrill of cycling adventures with the tranquility of cruising on a boat and island-hopping. You can spend your days exploring charming towns and scenic landscapes by bike, then return in the evening to a comfortable cabin on the boat, which acts as your mobile base camp. This eliminates the need to constantly pack and unpack, allowing you to truly unwind.
    • See more, do more: Bike and boat tours allow you to cover more ground than a traditional cycling tour, while still enjoying the intimacy of exploring smaller towns and hidden coves inaccessible by car. You can cycle through charming coastal villages, delve deeper into the countryside, and explore hard-to-reach, all within the framework of a single tour.
    • Something for Everyone: These tours cater to a wider range of fitness levels. You can choose routes that match your abilities, and some tours even offer electric bikes for those who prefer a more leisurely pace. Additionally, non-cyclists in your group can still enjoy the stunning scenery and charming towns from the comfort of the boat.
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