Dejan will cover:

  • Why you have to try sea kayaking in Croatia
  • The island of Vis and why it’s a kayaker’s dream
  • The must-see spots and best-hidden secrets of the island
  • How to prepare for your trip
  • Pro tips from a local guide

With the largest concentration of nature monuments in Europe, the tiny Croatian island of Vis is a dream destination for a kayak holiday.

At only 34 square miles (90 km²) Sea kayaking on Vis means you’re always a stroke away from a secluded cave, a sheltered bay, or a secret beach. On the crystal-clear Croatian seas, natural beauty, cultural charm, and adventure opportunities lie behind every sun-bathed bend.

And no one knows them better than local guide and passionate paddler Dejan Anić.

Dejan is a 3-star BCU-certified kayaking guide with tons of experience — and enthusiasm. If you want to hear him talk about the island of Vis and why it deserves a spot on your bucket list, tune in to this FREE WEBINAR!

You’ll learn about all the must-see spots and hidden local gems, such as Komiža, Stiniva Beach, and Blue Cave, but also about the island’s rich history dating back to the ancient Greeks, and why it’s been closed to foreigners until 1989. Plus, Dejan has plenty of awesome anecdotes — and culinary recommendations — to share with you!

Webinar host

Dejan Anić
Hiking, cycling, and sea kayaking guide

Born and raised in the southern Croatian region of Dalmatia, Dejan has always been addicted to the seas and the mountains. After working in finance all over the globe for 10 years, he has finally decided to dedicate his life to his true passion, adventure tourism in Croatia. He now works as a professional guide, holds a BCU 3-star kayak certification, and enjoys sharing the hidden gems of his homeland – including the wine and gastronomy – to curious adventurers.