Maxence & Matteo will share:

  • Why a sailing and e-mtb tour is the best way to experience Tuscany
  • The natural wonders, cultural heritage, and cuisine of the region
  • The greatest trails you’ll ride and sites you’ll visit
  • Day-to-day life aboard a sailboat in the Tyrrhenian sea
  • Visiting Elba: Napoleon’s exile island
  • Fitness levels and why everyone’s welcome here
  • What to pack and how to prepare for the adventure

In terms of natural landmarks to see, historic sites to visit, and spectacular dishes to try, Tuscany is one of the richest regions in Europe.

So rich that it’s tough to choose what to do, especially if you’re constrained with time.

So why not choose everything?

Combining sailing and e-mountain biking lets you see three perspectives of the famed wine region: coastal, countryside, and sea.

In the morning, the wind is whipping through your hair as you glide across the crystal-clear Tyrrhenian sea. At noon, you are cruising on your e-bike through rolling hills, sandy beaches, and vineyards bursting with life. As the moon rises, you welcome it in a rustic restaurant, indulging in fresh, local cuisine paired with exquisite wines.

It is an experience designed for those who savor the finer things in life – breathtaking views, delectable food, and exhilarating adventures.

Want to learn more about this unique adventure and how to maximize your time in Tuscany? Tune in to their FREE WEBINAR.

In an hour-long session, expert guide Maxence Carron and local guide Matteo Dondiero will tell you everything you need to know about sailing and e-mountain biking in Tuscany.

By the end, you’ll know what la dolce vita is really about!

Webinar hosts

Maxence Carron
Founder and CEO of E-Alps

Maxence is the founder, CEO, and “resident local” of E-Alps, a company focused on e-bike tours along some of the hottest trails and best-hidden secrets of the European Alps. The Alps are a part of his DNA, and he is passionate about crafting the greatest possible adventures for his clients, with a big focus on the culinary experience.

Matteo Dondiero
Tuscan-local MTB guide

Matteo, an MTB guide based out of Tuscany, is extremely passionate about outdoor travel, especially mountain biking. In 2018, he founded Tuscany-bike, a company offering guided tours, shuttles, and bike rental services in the region, with an MTB playground in their own backyard. Matteo also worked on building the Piombino MTB area, one of the most active bike destinations in the region, and he started a shuttle service in an exclusive area in Castagneto Carducci.