Adrià shared:

  • Why an e-bike is the best way to experience the Haute Route
  • Where you’ll go and what to see – all the local favorite spots
  • How to manage food, accommodations, and other logistics
  • The gear and bike you’ll need for the best experience
  • Cool stories from his trips in the Alps

Winding from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland, the Haute Route is the greatest traverse in the world.

But what does it take to do it by bike?

More and more adventurers are choosing to ride the Haute Route by e-MTB — for good reason. From playful singletrack descents & scenic lakeside cruises to pine forest switchbacks & chilling alpine crossings, it’s a rollercoaster ride that lets you experience the most of the Alps in the least amount of time.

But while the e-bike trivializes the tough sections of the ride, planning the trip itself is still a challenge. From managing the meals, accommodations, and itineraries to bringing the right bike, it’s easy to lose yourself in the logistics. This is why we’ve brought in an expert!

Learn everything there is to know about e-biking the Haute Route in our FREE WEBINAR. The hour-long session will be hosted by Adrià Mercadé, the founder and CEO of an adventure company that specializes in e-bike tours in the Alps!

Webinar host

Adrià Mercadé
Founder and CEO of E-Alps

Adrià was born in Catalonia, but packed his bags and moved to Switzerland 11 years ago. He co-founded E-Alps because he wanted to share his love for the landscapes he calls home with as many people as possible. Many of his friends & clients claim that he’s the best travel companion that you could wish for.