Sunny shared:

  • Aconcagua’s main climbing routes
  • High-altitude climbing and weather endurance
  • Physical and mental challenges of tackling Aconcagua
  • A comprehensive gear list and practical tips
  • Her mission to involve more women in outdoor sports
  • Stories from her two speed records on the mountain
  • Beautiful mountain imagery from the Andes

Welcome to Aconcagua—Queen of the Americas, Roof of the Andes, and one of the fabled Seven Summits. Standing at 22,838 feet (6961m), this rugged wind-swept peak in western Argentina is actually one of the most accessible climbs of its kind. Though lacking in steep slopes, the mountain’s extreme conditions make climbing it a true feat of high-altitude mountaineering.

In this one-hour session, veteran Aconcagua guide Sunny Stroeer showed you the ins and outs of tackling Aconcagua, including gear, physical training, and mental preparation required to embrace this often underestimated challenge. An advocate of women’s empowerment, Sunny is dedicated to bringing more female athletes into the world of outdoor sports. She’ll be introducing the Summit Scholarship Foundation and its annual scholarship program, which provides funding for women from all walks of life to climb mountains like Aconcagua at close to no cost.

This webinar is designed for those who want to learn, ask questions in a welcoming space and connect with other outdoors women who share the same passion for adventure and the mountains.

Webinar host

Sunny Stroeer
Owner of AWExpeditions

Sunny led a career-oriented life as an international strategy consultant with a Harvard MBA until a formative adventure on Aconcagua made her drop everything and take on the outdoors full-time. Before long, her exploits on high-altitude hiking and climbing routes saw her breaking speed records worldwide. When she’s not traveling and setting FKTs left and right, Sunny organizes guided adventures, celebrates the sporting life and promotes female empowerment through her writing and photography.