Bine covered:

  • The ins and outs of his five-star Mont Blanc hiking tour
  • How to escape the crowds and find the hidden gem hikes
  • The rich history and heritage of West Europe’s tallest mountain
  • The area’s greatest delicacies you just have to taste
  • The logistics behind this lavish adventure
  • What to pack and how to prepare

Hundreds of guides lead hiking trips on Mont Blanc. But when National Geographic guide Bine Žalohar does it, he does it in style.

Bine’s luxury Mont Blanc hiking trip elevates the experience of hiking Western Europe’s tallest mountain to a whole different level. Based out of a luxury 5-star hotel, he takes his clients on daily trips along less-trodden trails, allowing them to experience the history, heritage, and soaring landscapes of Mont Blanc free from the crowds.

Time off the trails is spent sampling Italian Gelato, savoring authentic Swiss fondue, and sipping on Alpenglow cocktails, and enjoying the hotel’s rich spa facilities. It’s an adventure that stimulates all the senses!

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Webinar host

Bine Žalohar
UIMLA-Certified Guide

Born in the Slovenian mountains, Bine Žalohar has traveled the world skiing and hiking. He is a passionate extreme sports enthusiast; freestyle skier, surfer, mountain biker, climber, and underwater fisherman. Having obtained a sports degree, Bine continued training and went on to become a licensed skiing and mountain guide. His passion lies in sharing the wonders of the beloved Alps as well as destinations in Japan, Croatia, France, Austria, and many more with fellow adventure junkies.