Saga covered:

  • The hidden gem hikes of Iceland’s east coast
  • The strength and solitude you’ll find on the trails
  • The best hikes and how to choose the right one for you
  • Getting there and why it’s easier than you think
  • Where to stay and what to eat 
  • Packing for your all-women Icelandic adventure
  • Expert advice on anything you’d like to know

Much has been said about Thorsmork, Landmannalaugar, and Iceland’s other hiking hot spots. However, not all the best hikes are hiding in the Highlands.

The east fjords of Iceland form a vast network of hiking routes sprawling over jutting fjords, black sand beaches, pink-hued mountains, and endless geothermal wonders. Whether you’re walking along craters, meeting the puffins, or exploring Elvish castles, you’ll find one constant—no crowds, even in peak season.

Tackling these rugged landscapes with other adventurous women helps you free your mind from stress, find hidden confidence, and forge life-long bonds. In the most remote reaches of Iceland, you’ll lose the crowds, but you’ll find yourself.

Want to learn more about the hidden gems of Icelandic hiking, and how it can help you grow both as an adventurer and a woman? Tune in to our free Q&A session.

Let local guide and women’s adventure tour pioneer Saga Lif answer any questions you might have about all-women hiking trips in Viknaslodir, from getting there and deciding what to pack to finding accommodations, choosing the right trails, and making the most of your trip.

Webinar host

Saga Lif
Local guide and owner of Viking Women

A self-described nature addict, Saga has always been drawn to the beauty of Iceland’s natural world. She became a guide to help other women unleash their inner Valkyries and make meaningful connections through awe-inspiring adventures. Her company Viking Women focuses on all-female trips that combine wellness with Iceland’s otherworldly landscapes.