1. DuPont State Forest

You could stay in DuPont for a week and not bike the same trail twice. The state park is almost 10,500 acres. There are options by the bucket full that are all really nice to ride, and obviously, built with MTB in mind. You’ll find some of the best mountain biking in North Carolina, including well-draining trails that easily shed the area’s abundant rainfall. DuPont is known for loads of thrilling corners and massive berms to get your adrenaline pumping.

It’s not just the quality of riding in DuPont; you can stay here for weeks and never bike the same trail twice

Big Rock has some of the best North Carolina singletrack  

Mountain biking in North Carolina proves you don’t have to go to Moab or Colorado for superb track. Sure, the legendary Slickrock trail offers incredible mountain biking in Utah, but DuPont is also known for the iconic granite “slick rock” trails, Cedar Rock and Big Rock. One big difference is that you’re mostly riding on granite, instead of sandstone. 

Big Rock’s challenging singletrack will take you around stubborn vegetation sticking out of rock and across exciting bald patches. It’s a pretty unique experience attracting many bikers. It makes most of the traffic here. Big Rock’s downhill is definitely one to be earned, but once you do, get ready for a heart-stopping descent. It’s a tough climb to the top, but once there, you’ll experience the thrill of descending steep pitches on rock slabs. 

Hit up Ridgeline for a BMX pump track feel

The most popular trail in DuPont is called Ridgeline. In a nutshell, it’s a well-bermed downhill trail that flows like a dream. Filled with tons of humps and jumps, you can choose to get sendy with air time or keep both tires on the ground. Insanely fun to ride, Ridgeline often feels like you’re on a BMX pump track.

About the author
Josh Whitmore bio
Expert Cycling Coach, MTB Skills Instructor, and Rock Climbing Guide

Having grown up in Brevard, the heart of MTB in NC, Josh is an avid lover of all things outdoor adventure related. Coming from a background as a professional mountain bike racer and a previous career in outdoor education and mountain guiding, Josh has worked full time since 2012 as a cycling coach and MTB skills instructor/guide. Josh also stays connected to the rock climbing world and works part time as a climbing guide.

With a Masters degree in outdoor education, Josh has dedicated his life to teaching others outdoor skills and helping them pursue their passions. In addition to working with clients directly, Josh often serves as an instructor-trainer, helping other people become excellent outdoor skills instructors.

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