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Moab incorporates dry mild temperatures, beautiful canyons and mesa tops, and some of the best MTB trails in the US, making it an incredibly popular destination for mountain biking tours! Discover unbelievably flowy descents, traverse dirt and slickrock, and feel the tires clinging to walls of vertical red sandstone. Mountain biking days in Moab are perfect for a range of skill levels — they are challenging enough to keep avid and experienced riders impressed while allowing beginner riders to master some skills and techniques. Join expert guides for a day of fun in this mecca of mountain biking! Find out more about the best trails in Moab from Lily Krass, a backcountry skier, mountain biker, and hiker.

  • Moab delivers thrilling trails featuring rock rolls and scenic cliffs

  • Advanced riders can try out the monstrous 64-mile loop!

  • Spend a week in Moab and progress with your mountain biking skills

Available itineraries

Beginner Half-Day Tour: Courthouse Loop

Get acquainted with Moab on this beginner-friendly mountain bike trip with views overlooking the Arches National Park. You’ll start at Rusty Spur Trail, not far off the main loop in Moab, as an introduction to singletrack terrain or as an exciting cruise for more knowledgeable riders.

DISTANCE: 7-10 miles
PREREQUISITES: You should be comfortable riding on and off of obstacles/features that are curb-size. You should also have good fitness. Previous trail riding experience is preferred, but riders who are very comfortable on road or gravel bikes may do just fine on this tour.

Intermediate Half-Day Tour: Mag 7

Experience the iconic slickrock of Moab, Utah, on one of the area’s coolest mountain bike tours. Ride multiple sections of trails, and take a break at Gemini Bridges and soaking in the Twin Arches. On this Magnificent 7 trails singletrack,  you’ll take in marvellous views of the canyon rim!

DISTANCE: 12 miles
PREREQUISITES: You should be comfortable riding up steps and off drops that are knee-high. You should also have very good fitness and be able to mountain bike up to twice a week. This trail is not recommended to riders who do not mountain bike on a regular basis.

Advanced Half-Day Tour: Slickrock

Challenge your skills on a series of petrified sand dunes forming an 11-mile trail into a coaster ride. This famous trail draws serious riders from around the world testing technique and experience. Even advanced riders might be a bit daunted by its reputation, so hit the trail with the experts.

DISTANCE: 12 miles
PREREQUISITES: Anybody who tries to book this tour will need to go through an additional vetting email from the guide. Riders can expect exposure on the trails, in addition to features that could be bigger than knee-high.

Intermediate Full-Day Tour: Navajo Rocks

You’ll navigate the scenic gorgeous slickrock terrain presenting challenges along twisting and turning dirt singletrack. Spend a full day taking in views of the Monitor and Merrimac buttes and the towering La Sal Mountains with a pro guide on this Moab MTB network.

DISTANCE: 18 – 20 miles
PREREQUISITES: You should be comfortable riding up steps and off drops that are knee-high. You should also have very good fitness and be able to mountain bike up to twice a week. This trail is not recommended to riders who do not mountain bike on a regular basis.

Advanced Full-Day Tour: Whole Enchilada

Embark on this iconic downhill trail across technical singletrack leading to a steep 2,000-foot climb. Once you manage the ascent, ride until you drop back to 4,000 ft near the Colorado River. You’ll get a chance to gain insight and tips from the MTB experts and navigate the best lines on the unforgiving rock on the Porcupine Rim section.

DISTANCE: 20 – 27 miles
PREREQUISITES: Anybody who tries to book this tour will need to go through an additional vetting email from the guide. Please, find more info about prerequisites and requirements in the FAQ section.

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Meet your guide

Rim Tours
Rim Tours
Mountain Bike Guides
Rim Tours feels that one of the key factors for a successful bicycle vacation are the guides who accompany their guests on each tour. The destinations often speak for themselves in terms of beauty, but the scenery alone is not all that is necessary to have an incredible experience. Their guides are the best in the business with the most experience and working knowledge of the area.
5.00 (4 reviews)
Great Experience Mountain Biking
gd0214 (source: TripAdvisor)

This was our first time mountain biking and we did the Courthouse Loop. Brooks was our guide and he was fabulous. He introduced us to the bike and let us practice riding before we started out on our adventure. Being a newbie at mountain biking, it was definitely a bit strenuous at times, but we had such a fun time and shared lots of laughs and would do it again in a heartbeat. Brooks was so knowledgeable and helpful and made both of us feel extremely comfortable with the bike. We had a blast!

Family Moab Bike
Brian L (source: TripAdvisor)

Great intro to mountain biking for never-Evers. Kids, 11 and 13, did fine. Scenery was beautiful. Ride was really fun. Jeff was excellent and quite funny.

Best of the best.
dianettewells (source: TripAdvisor)

There are so many tour companies, how do you choose? Luckily, my friends chose this particular company and I’ll try to return every year to ride more trails with them. Everything was top notch- easy check-in, great communications before the trip started, and off we went. 30 seconds in I thought this trip might be out of my league. Our guides, Beth and Kiersten, were amazing (zen-like) teachers/guides. (Just following behind them I learned so much.) After a few minutes riding the most fun trails (slick-rock, hard-pack, sand) I’ve ever been on, I was in heaven. (Should’ve rented their top of the line Santa Cruz’ bikes as I’m pretty sure I broke my, not-as-strong bike.) Now for camp; this was a 3 night tour- had the biggest tent I’ve ever slept in, the campsite was literally on the rim of a spectacular canyon. (They even took us on a hike to see the pictographs.) They go the extra mile in ALL things. Don’t get me started on the coffee and food. Plentiful and gourmet. Appetizers the minute we were off the bike, the best sandwiches while out on the trail, dinners were off the charts. I secretly saw Kiersten putting air in our tires and lubing our chains early in the morning to make sure everything was in perfect order for the day’s ride. These two guides and this company don’t miss a thing. All levels of riders- everyone was an amazing rider after only a few days. I had always wanted to ride Moab and was never sure how- Rim Tours is the way to go. Bucket list.

Courthouse Loop Beginners
Serusthecat (source: TripAdvisor)

Sam and Carl were great! Traveling alone and haven’t Mountain biked in 3+ years, this was the tour for me. They both catered to each individual’s level while keeping things moving. The scenery is incredible. A great introduction session. Varying uphills with fun downhills, all the while keeping an eye on where we all were. They both have excellent tips and were engaging. I highly recommend this tour.

Things to know

  • 57hours is committed to providing safe outdoor adventure experiences. We require all guides using our platform to have a COVID-19 safety plan and to make the details of that plan accessible to travelers. In most cases, group sizes will be reduced, guides will avoid overcrowded locations, and other safety measures will be met depending on the location and activity.

    We also expect clients to respect local regulations and take measures to protect themselves, guides and the communities they’re travelling to. For more information on COVID-19 measures in Moab, Utah, please refer to the Official COVID-19 updates by the U.S. Government for Utah.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information. We are happy to provide you with the most up-to-date information!

  • This is what you get on this adventure:

      • An experienced MTB guide with extensive local knowledge of the area
      • A half-day or a full-day of riding a mountain bike
      • Transportation to and from the trailhead
      • $30 shuttle fee for the Whole Enchilada tour
      • Lunch for full-day tours
      • Helmet
      • Snacks
      • 6.85% tax

    What’s not included:

      • Lunch for half-day tours
      • Bike rentals — you can rent a bike for an extra fee of $27
      • Transportation to and from Moab
      • Accommodations
  • You will need to be able to pedal between two and six hours, depending on the itinerary you choose. Even the easy tours require that riders be fit enough to pedal up some rising terrain. After booking, your guide will determine the group’s skill level and capabilities and cater the day to your specific abilities.

    Keep in mind, opting for the full day option means more biking, which is strenuous even if you stay on beginner level trails.

  • During the summer months, your guides cannot guarantee that you will be able to ride the entire route of the Whole Enchilada. While you start at a much cooler alpine elevation, the route ends at the much hotter desert environment. Riders need to carry a minimum of 3 liters of water, so be sure to bring a hydration pack with this capacity (there is no place to re-fill) as well as space to carry a lunch that will be provided.

    The Burro Pass section (the first 6 miles) involves a substantial climb at high elevation which can really work folks before the extremely technical descent right after. The rest of the route is considered a “pedally” downhill, with the final 12 miles on the Porcupine Rim being physically demanding because of constant chunky and rocky riding, as well as the summertime heat.

    This ride is the most remote and technically challenging of any ride in Moab and is more suited for expert riders with very strong fitness. If you and the guide get to a point where it is no longer feasible to continue (due to time, temperatures, rider skill or safety concerns, amount of water left in your packs, etc.), you will need to exit the route, for your health and safety.

    If the best decision is to exit the route – either before or after the LPS section, where there is still 12 miles of rough and physically demanding trail. There are options to ride the Raptor Route before riding a few more miles down the Sand Flats Road to get back to town. The mileage is very similar to finishing on the Porcupine section, however, you are much closer to civilization in case something goes wrong. A rescue by ground on Porcupine Rim can take 7 – 8 hours.

  • To book these mountain bike trips in Moab, all riders, regardless of age or height, must be capable of operating hand brakes and shifting gears. A guide will explain the different mountain bike techniques and body positions to get you feeling comfortable on the trail. You will progress at a level that is consistent with your comfort. Once you finally get the hang of trail riding, you will only want more!

  • You’ll need:

      • Sneakers or sport shoes
      • Breathable outside layer or jacket
      • Bike tights
      • Biking shorts
      • A riding jersey or t-shirt
      • Windbreaker or light jacket
      • Two pairs of breathable socks.
      • Sneakers or sport shoes
      • Sunglasses
      • Water bottle or hydration bladder
      • Daypack with snacks
      • Biking gloves are optional but recommended
      • Bike repair kit
      • Toiletries (sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bug spray, toilet paper, etc.)

    Wear comfortable riding or athletic clothing, preferably moisture wicking or synthetic material.
    Dress comfortably and for the weather in clothes you can move in. We suggest bringing clothing appropriate for the season.

  • Group sizes and prices:

      • For this adventure, anywhere from two people to large groups can be accommodated. The tours are not private and cost is per person.
      • The costs do not decrease as your group grows.
      • Group tours require a minimum of 2 people to go. If you are a party of one, and if you are willing to pay the solo rate, we will guarantee that your tour runs — even if you end up being the only person on it
      • Mountain biking in Moab can be arranged for larger groups. Contact us to make arrangements.

    Min. age requirements:

      • If you are older than 18, you’re good to go.
      • Children as young as 10 are able to go on trips with a legal guardian. That said, if you have a young rider strong enough to handle sustained climbs (either riding or walking their bike) of hundreds of feet, and rough terrain, then they may be able to participate on a case-by-case basis.

    If your group has climbers under the age of 18, contact us prior to booking to make arrangements.

  • To get to Moab, most people fly to Canyonlands Regional Airport (CNY) in Moab, UT. Other options include flying into Grand Junction, CO, about a two-hour drive away, and Salt Lake City, UT, which is four hours away.

    Once you and your guide agree on the details of your itinerary, your guide will suggest the best place to meet, whether that’s at the guide shop or a predetermined location. From there, you will head to the trailhead.

  • Day Trips Cancellations
    Fully refundable within the initial 48 hours from booking, unless the trip date is less than 7 days from the time of the booking.
    Cancellations up to 7 days prior to the trip date are refundable 100%.
    Cancellations within 7 days prior to the trip date are non-refundable.

Have more questions? Read our FAQ,
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