Backcountry Skiing 202 at Wasatch

1 day
All ages
1–5 people

The Wasatch Mountains provide a memorable backdrop for any skiing experience. Whatever you want to focus on for your backcountry adventures, we're here to help you. One descent at a time!

Welcome to round two for backcountry skiing

In this backcountry skiing course you’ll learn the refined techniques that make skinning through advanced terrain not only possible, but efficient and enjoyable! We’ll focus on:

  • Track setting
  • Backcountry preparedness
  • Insights on how to find the best snow while keeping risks to a minimum
  • Matching the forecast to an appropriate tour plan
  • Tailoring a day around field observations
  • Improvised rescue for certain scenarios
  • Improving skinning techniques for advanced terrain

To maximize your experience we recommend taking an AIARE Avalanche Level 1  or an AAI course prior to signing up for this one, but it’s not required.

If you want to work on your skills more before taking this class, we recommend “Backcountry Skiing 101 at Wasatch“.

After this class you’ll
  • Want to try heli-skiing (wow!) or a hut to hut tour
  • Have skied in some beautiful, gorgeous powder
Prerequisites for backcountry skiing

All participants need to be competent and comfortable skiers on variable packed snow and untouched terrain. The skiing is a ton of fun, but it demands some experience.

Where we are
Class Location
Wasatch Mountains
Meeting Location
The Backcountry Pros

We'll contact you with an equipment list and answer any questions you have about your trip

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Guides running this program

John Mletschnig

As a life-long skier, climber and 12 year mountain guide of the Wasatch, John Mletschnig has a desire to learn and explore the unique and obscure.  After years of working ski-patrolling, forecasting and guiding, John saw a natural next step: to show others firsthand the all skiing and climbing based travel experiences that left such an impression on him. John sees skiing and climbing as the best ways to see the world. If you think of skiing or climbing as experiences more than sliding on snow or hanging on a rock, John is your man.  Today, John works as a guide and avalanche educator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the spring of 2016 he became the only person to have ski traversed the entire Wasatch Range solo during a monumental 23 day push.

Crest Simeon

Growing up surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Swiss Alps it’s easy to understand how Crest has held a lifetime passion for the mountains and consequently became a mountain guide. Skiing and climbing are simply part of life for the Swiss and Crest is no exception.

In his formative years, Crest passionately perused alpine ski racing and today he has the same zeal for backcountry skiing that he once reserved for the racecourse. Whether on alpine touring gear, telemark skis or a snowboard Crest’s ear-to-ear grin remains the same when searching out long and deep powder runs. In the warmer months Crest is drawn to the ever-present challenges and tremendous reward provided by rock climbing. Crest’s casual, steady and caring demeanor has a way of bringing out the best in people; from never-evers to seasoned veterans.

Based in Salt Lake City, Crest is on track to become an IFMGA (international) mountain guide. Crest lives with his wife Rachel and daughter Ela (born Jan. 2017) where they do their absolute best exploring the vast and diverse Utah landscape.

Chris Brown

As a life long skier and devoted climber it’s no surprise Chris was drawn to a life guiding in the mountains. For the past six years Chris has lead powder hungry skiers throughout the Wasatch and Uinta Range backcountry.  Always willing to teach, yet never without a laugh Chris keeps every day fun when it is appropriate, connecting with others through his own honest humility.  And as the seasons change, Chris shifts to a life on the rocks (quite literally), guiding climbers up and down many of the iconic peaks across the west, including the Grand Teton.

As is only common with the most devoted American guides, Chris is also perusing IFMGA (international) mountain guide certification.

Chris lives in Salt Lake City with his lovely wife Ashley, where they passionately explore the mountains of the West; whether it be on skis or attached by a rope.