Emma covered:

  • What makes the Haute Route one of the world’s most iconic treks
  • The extraordinary natural beauty you’ll find on the trail
  • How to plan your route from Chamonix to Zermatt
  • Physical preparation and packing for the journey
  • Dealing with the weather and high elevation
  • Other essential tips from an experienced Alpine hiker

Starting at the base of Mont Blanc in Chamonix and ending under the imposing peak of Matterhorn in Zermatt, the Walker’s Haute Route strings together undulating meadows and high mountain passes to form one of the world’s greatest multi-day treks.

But as any hiker who has completed this Franco-Swiss journey can attest, this is not just a light jaunt through an idyllic landscape full of rushing streams and playful ibex. It takes a serious amount of dedication, endurance, and planning to reach that coveted finish line.

With only a fixed starting and ending point, it is up to you to craft your own 7-to-14-day itinerary via a series of mountain huts and quaint villages scattered along the way. With numerous factors to account for and options at your disposal, this Alpine leg-burner can easily turn into a logistical headscratcher.

That’s where Mountain Leader Emma Jack comes in! Having led expeditions all over the world and criss-crossed the Alps countless times, this Chamonix-based guide is here to share her vast experience and teach you all about hiking the Haute Route!

Webinar host

Emma Jack
International Mountain Leader & Co-founder of Cloud 9 Adventure

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more seasoned hiking guide than International Mountain Leader Emma Jack. Through her 20 years of guiding, she’s led hikers on the Tour du Mont Blanc over 50 times, the Everest base camp trek over 27 times, and has spearheaded expeditions to Nepal, Peru, Cuba, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, and many more places around the world. She is also a passionate skier, boasting the first ski descent of Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world!