Alberto & Frank shared:

  • Breathtaking photos and videos of the Faroe Islands, one of the last remote unspoiled territories in the Atlantic Ocean
  • An overview of the Faroe Islands and why their hiking trails are unlike anywhere else in the world
  • What a unique sailing & hiking expedition across these challenging islands looks like
  • A brief history about the Nordic Light (Norðlýsið) sailboat from a true Faroese sailor
  • Logistics for trip planning — getting to the Faroe Islands, life on the boat, safety considerations and the gear you need
  • A glimpse into authentic Nordic culture with stories from their favorite Faroe Islands locations

Risen from magma and guarded by furious waves, the faraway and mystic Faroe Islands have adventure written all over them. Not much is known about the archipelago, but one thing is certain – navigating the rugged fjords on a historic Nordic sailboat to explore craggy cliffs and otherworldly hiking trails promises the most epic adventure you’ll ever go on. Tune in as mountain guide and photographer Alberto Ojembarrena lets you in on all the details of this eight-day hiking and sailing adventure, joined by Frank Djurhuus Jakobsen, who runs the Nordic Light sailing operation.

The journey kicks off with discovering historic trails woven between colorful, distant villages of Vágar and majestic waterfalls plummeting from deep fjords. Straying far from the beaten path, with locations touted as some of the most beautiful in the world, every day guarantees jaw-dropping sights from the tops of towering cliffs. After touring the wild mainlands of the archipelago and immersing yourself in the Nordic way of life, you’ll explore the furthest reaches of this mythical place on the deck of a historic sailboat, all while basking in the light of the midnight sun.

If the photos aren’t enough to fuel your daydreams about coming aboard the Nordic Light to experience the untamed Faroe Islands, check out this free webinar recording and get all the info you need for planning your own trip. Alberto answered all lingering questions about this epic adventure after his presentation.

Webinar hosts

Alberto Ojembarrena
AIMG Mountain & Glacier Guide

Alberto is the owner of Amarok Adventures and has guided adventure treks in Iceland, Greenland, South America and Nepal. He has also worked as a documentary and travel photographer for international magazines. He has lived in Iceland since 2015, traveling the country discovering hidden gems and loads of adventure off the beaten path — always with his camera in tow.

Frank Djurhuus Jakobsen
Skipper Team Leader of the Nordic Light Sailboat

With his team of seasoned Faroese skippers, Frank runs the operation of the schooner-rigged sailboat, the Nordic Light (Norðlýsið). His motto is “safety comes from competence and a friendly environment,” and it’s the backbone of the popular ship’s adventures. The impressive vintage wooden ship was built by the shipyard in Tórshavn in 1945 and later restored and refitted by the Faroese artist Tróndur Pætursson. Board this ship, and you’ll be met with a welcoming crew, epic adventure and true Faroese hospitality while you set sail on the journey of a lifetime.