Jack covered:

  • Backpacking in Denali and why it’s endlessly liberating
  • The must-see sights and must-do activities
  • How to find the most fascinating wildlife
  • How to stay safe in the wilderness
  • Anything else you’d like to ask him about

With no crowds, designated trails, or campsites, backpacking in Alaska’s Denali National Park is as wild as it gets.

Shadowed by the tallest summit in North America, Denali’s wilderness abounds with adventure opportunities. Whether you wish to watch the grizzlies in their natural habitat, follow in the footsteps of the indigenous Athabascan people, or just sit among the glaciers and enjoy the silence, Denali leaves you free to forge your own way.  

Of course, leaving the designated routes behind comes with its fair share of challenges. Luckily, AMGA Guide Jack Bynum is here to help!

If you want to learn more about wild backpacking in Denali from a seasoned and certified expert, tune in to Jack’s live Q&A session. Whether it’s gear, safety, navigation, or anything else you’re interested in, he will happily provide the As to all your Qs.

Webinar host

Jack Bynum
AMGA Guide and founder of Indigo Alpine Guides

Although he calls Seattle home, Jack can rarely be found sitting still. Most of the time he’s out looking for adventure with his trusty backpack in tow. After nearly a decade of guiding around the world, Jack wanted to provide his customers with something new—custom expeditions to the remotest parts of the globe. That is why, in 2017, he founded Indigo Alpine Guides. His company’s mission is to celebrate the great outdoors and preserve the natural world we partake in—while having tons of fun in the process.