British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia hosts the most diverse and endless backcountry powder skiing which is what makes it the best place for backcountry skiing in Canada. There is almost always powder somewhere in this province. The challenge with B.C. is deciding where to go. I am obviously biased since I live in Revelstoke but I have also skied all around B.C. in equally amazing conditions. If you want to find the best snow in B.C., here are some of my top spots.

A group of backcountry skiers skin through fresh snow in British Columbia — undoubtedly one of the best backcountry ski locations in the world.

Finding powder on the west coast

Side by side, Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are a world famous pairing, but they both offer quite different skiing. Just off the well known resort, you’ll find incredible alpine access. It’s a coastal snowpack that tends to be a little heavier snow but much more stable than the interior. The Spearhead Range has enough ski lines to last a lifetime. There’s laid-back powder skiing off Flute Backside, then, there’s the Apostle, on the east flank of Oboe, and classic lines on Cowboy Ridge. For those looking for something more extreme, the glaciated Fissile Peak offers a challenge on its alpine terrain.

Just up the road from Whistler about an hour, Duffy Lake Road holds a ton of goods. Known as “The Duffy,” the area is super rewarding, not too crowded and well worth the trip. This is true backcountry skiing with great access off the road. You’ll gain 4000 feet on the road alone!

The world-famous snow of the Selkirks

The interior of B.C. has the lightest and deepest snow, yet the avalanche hazard can be a challenge. The famous Selkirk powder is some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the world. Revelstoke — with the biggest vertical drop in North America at 5,620 feet (1,713 m) — and Rogers Pass host the bigger alpine peaks, plus lots of tree skiing when the storms roll through. Use the Revelstoke Mountain Resort lifts to access some epic backcountry spots or gain road access to one of the hundreds of lines in the expansive Rogers Pass. One of my favorite spots, and my ultimate recommendation, is the Illecillewaet Glacier, where the imposing Sir Donald mountain towers above the skin track.

Escape crowds in the Kootenays

The Kootenays have the same powder as Revelstoke, with less people and smaller mountains. The elevation can sometimes be a little low, and if the storms are coming in warm, sometimes the conditions aren’t as consistent as the rest of B.C. Still, it’s definitely worth a trip if you’re touring around the province or looking for less crowded areas.

One thing about B.C. is that there is always the potential for a little bump up; take a helicopter to go ski touring, or perhaps ride a snowmobile deep into the mountains, the options are endless, and the adventure guaranteed. Obviously, I am a little biased because I live here!

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