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Yosemite Tours with Local Guides

From hot spots to hidden gems, unlock Yosemite’s secrets on tours led by experienced local guides.
Hiker with Half Dome in the background in Yosemite.
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Alex Farr

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my Yosemite Grand Traverse trip. I saw Yosemite in such a way that will stay with me forever. The food, the guiding, the route and the views were all perfect! The best part of the trip was our guide Csuri Odry. She is by far in all my years of expeditions around the world, the finest guide I have ever had the privilege of learning from. She is a real gem and made the trip extremely fun, safe, memorable and one that I would recommend to anyone.

Rachel D

We had an incredible experience with Lasting Adventures! It was our first visit to Yosemite and kicking off the trip with a guided hike was perfect. It was just our group of 4 (me, my husband, and 2 friends) which was great because we got to ask lots of questions and take the day at our preferred pace. Our guide, Michael, was absolutely wonderful – very welcoming and easy to get along with! He is so knowledgable about the park, its history, and the nature and wildlife. He came well-prepared with sunscreen, bug spray, and extra water and snacks for all. And he took a bunch of quality photos of our group! The hike included a great mix of epic sights from higher elevations, and provided us with a nice overview of Yosemite, as well as ideas for other hikes to do on our own during the rest of our trip. I highly recommend Lasting Adventures for your trip to Yosemite. We were blown away!


We were a group of 7 family members (ages 22-65 years old), for all of us was our first hiking/backpacking/camping experience. We all have such an amazing yet challenging experience, it was really worthy! Thank you so much to our guides Nicole and Jack for your cheers, your spirit, your cooking, your yoga time, your knowledge and for doing this family trip so great! We really enjoy it!!

Mara B

I chose the Hidden Yosemite trip and joined two other Washingtonians that I hike with regularly. What an incredible trip. First and foremost, our guides Will and Bella were awesome. They kept us well fed, educated on the history of Yosemite. Who knew that the white powder on an aspen tree could be used as sunscreen? They made the whole journey memorable. I can’t imagine a better way to experience this amazing place. A sincere thank you to Lasting Adventures and to Will and Bella!


Spent five nights last week on a Lasting Adventures trip in Yosemite. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better way to see the park. Our guide was amazing and was a wealth of knowledge on the geology, trees, and history of the park. Finished the trip with a summit of Half Dome on our last day. The only way to really get a scale of Yosemite is to spend a few days backpacking through the park. Amazing food, good company, and some of the best scenery on earth. I highly recommend going with the experts at Lasting Adventures as this is truly their backyard.


Recently finished a backpacking trip planned and guided by Lasting Adventures. This was my first trip to Yosemite and the trip far exceeded my expectations. The hiking was rigorous but the experience and the views were very much worth the effort. The tents, sleeping bags etc were all great quality and it was helpful to not have to tote our own stuff across country. Jenna Levy was our guide and she was terrific. She has a great personality and worked tirelessly to make our trip special. I have no reservation recommending Lasting Adventures to anyone interested in visiting Yosemite.


Jesse was a great guide on Adventure of Ten Lakes!! The trip was a refreshing disconnect! Jesse provided packing tips, prepared delicious meals, and knew so many great spots and views.

David Petersen

Awesome experience backpacking to Half Dome with Jesse. He had everything ready to go and was an exceptional guide. Highly recommend you book your trip through Jesse and The Lamplighters Adventuring Society!

Karen DeWitt

From registration to trip completion Lasting Adventures provided excellent service and truly a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to our guide Trey for his professionalism, vast knowledge, hiking and cooking skills, flexibility, and adaptability. Trey’s back country experience allowed the group to experience and truly enjoy places and things we could not do on our own. Lasting Adventures did not cut any corners, the equipment and food were excellent! I highly recommend this guide service, they secured all the permits and communication was excellent. I can’t wait to go again!

The best way to experience the wild wonders of Yosemite

Sequoias, waterfalls, and crackling campfires

Yosemite isn’t just about sightseeing – it’s about the heart-pumping hikes up granite monuments, soul-stirring campfire stories among ancient sequoias, and soaring vistas that will leave you speechless. Challenge yourself on a thrilling climb, lose yourself in wildflower meadows, or simply stand in awe at the power of cascading waterfalls. Yosemite awaits – what adventure will you choose?

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Couple camping with tent overlooking a vista in Yosemite.
Woman wearing a raincoat near a waterfall in Yosemite.

Yosemite tours tailor-made for you

Seasoned local guides

  • Ditch the guidebook! Local guides will share hidden gems, unveil the park’s fascinating history, and ensure your safety on every step.

Itineraries crafted for you

  • Maximize your Yosemite experience. Let us tailor your adventure to your pace and interests.

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The best adventures in Yosemite National Park

Climbing Half Dome

This classic 14- to 16-hour adventure is not for the faint of heart. You will gain 4,800 ft/ 1,463 m in elevation and need to use cables and ladders to reach the summit, where you’ll be rewarded with the greatest vistas on the West Coast.

The Yosemite Falls Hike

An easier hike that takes visitors to the base of the tallest waterfall in North America at 2,424 ft / 739 m. At an easier pace and with some paved portion, it’s perfectly doable with kids!

Backpacking the John Muir Trail

Starting in Yosemite Valley and ending on the top of Mt. Whitney, this legendary 211-mile / 339-km camping & backpacking trip takes hikers through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Frequently asked questions about Yosemite tours

  • The best months to visit Yosemite are between April and May or September and October. Here is a quick breakdown of all the seasons:

    Spring: Between April and May, the temperatures are pleasant, wildflowers are in bloom, and there are fewer crowds compared to summer. However, waterfalls may not be at their fullest flow, some high-elevation areas may still have snow.

    Summer: From June to August you’ll get the warmest weather, all areas of the park are accessible, and the waterfalls at their fullest flow. Sadly, it’s also the most crowded time to visit, so reservations are required for many activities.

    Fall: In September and October, you’ll find comfortable temperatures and plenty of colorful foliage, while the summer crowds will have dispersed, but some high-elevation areas may be closed due to snowfall.

    Winter: November through March is the least crowded time to visit. You get to see Yosemite covered in snow, with unique winter activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing available. However, you’ll get the coldest weather, and some park roads and facilities may close due to snow.

  • While 1 day is enough to get a taste of Yosemite, we recommend spending at least 5 days there to unplug and fully immerse yourself in the wilderness.

    If you’re short on time, a one-day trip can give you a taste of Yosemite’s highlights. Focus on iconic sights like Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, and Glacier Point (seasonal availability) with a guided day tour. This is a great weekend option for Californians.

    With 2-3 days, you can delve a bit deeper. Explore the Yosemite Valley with its waterfalls and granite cliffs, hike through sequoia groves like Mariposa Grove or Tuolumne Grove, and enjoy scenic viewpoints.

    For a more immersive experience, consider 4-7 days. Hike some of the Yosemite’s more challenging trails like Half Dome (permit required, challenging climb), backpack into the wilderness for a night or two, and explore lesser-known areas like Hetch Hetchy Reservoir or Glacier Point (seasonal access).

    With a week or more, you can truly lose yourself in Yosemite. Hike to remote waterfalls, climb challenging peaks, tackle a challenge like the John Muir Trail, participate in ranger-led programs, and delve into the park’s rich history and ecology.

  • There are several ways to get around Yosemite on your trips, but the most budget-friendly and hassle-free one has to be taking the free Yosemite Valley Shuttle.
    If you’re staying within Yosemite Valley, the most convenient way to get around is the free shuttle system. The shuttles run year-round (with slightly reduced hours in winter) and connect all the major destinations in the valley, including lodging, campgrounds, visitor centers, and trailheads. With a bus arriving approximately every 10-20 minutes, it’s a hassle-free way to navigate the valley without needing a car.

    Of course having a car allows more flexibility to explore areas beyond Yosemite Valley, such as Glacier Point (seasonal access) or Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. However, during peak season (summer), traffic congestion can be significant, especially around popular viewpoints and trailheads. It’s recommended to make parking reservations in advance, especially if you’re visiting during peak season.

    We recommend using the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS), which connects Merced, gateway towns outside the park, and various park entrances, and then getting around by shuttle. And hey, if you’re adventurous, you can always go everywhere by bike!

  • There are many different lodging options to choose from for your Yosemite National Park tours, and it ultimately depends on your budget.

    Staying within Yosemite Valley allows for easy access to the park’s most iconic sights and puts you right in the heart of the action.

    The Yosemite Valley Lodge is a popular choice, offering a variety of room types and stunning views of Yosemite Falls. Alternatively, the historic Ahwahnee Hotel is a luxurious option, featuring grand architecture, fine dining, and a beautiful setting. If you’re on more of a budget, there is also the Yosemite Housekeeping Camp, offering cabins with basic amenities.

    You can also choose to stay in gateway towns located in the park’s entrance, like Mammoth Lakes, Oakhurst, or El Portal. This can be a more affordable option, with a wider variety of lodging choices from hotels and motels to vacation rentals and campgrounds.

    Finally, you can pitch your tent in one of the numerous campgrounds you’ll find throughout the park. Campgrounds range from basic sites with vault toilets to more developed sites with showers and laundry facilities. Note that reservations for campgrounds are highly recommended, especially during peak season.

    If you’re on a guided Yosemite tour, don’t worry about lodging – your local guides will find the perfect accommodation option to get you close to the action!

  • With good planning, you can experience Yosemite all on your own, However, there are tons of benefits to booking a guided tour:

    Expert knowledge: Knowledgeable guides can share fascinating insights about the park’s geology, history, flora, fauna, and cultural significance. They can answer your questions and bring the park to life.
    Enhanced safety: A guide can ensure your safety and navigate potential hazards. This is especially important for challenging hikes or off-the-beaten-path adventures,
    Streamlined logistics: Guides handle logistics like transportation, permits (for certain hikes), and sometimes even meals, which makes planning your trip much less stressful and lets you focus on enjoying the scenery.
    Hidden gems: Guides often know hidden viewpoints, waterfalls, or trails that you might miss on your own, making your Yosemite adventure even more unique.

    If you’re a first-time visitor, short on time, have a specific interest like geology or photography, or just want to challenge yourself on the trails, guided Yosemite tours are the way to go.

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We're happy to answer any of your questions. Send us an inquiry or talk to one of our adventure planners free of charge.
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