Saga covered:

  • Why Iceland is the Promised Land of European hiking
  • What it’s like to tackle several iconic trails in a single tour
  • What makes the Laugavegur Trail so remarkable
  • Cramponing on Iceland’s magnificent glaciers
  • The power of Iceland’s mythical hot springs
  • What it takes to walk the paths of the Vikings
  • Epic photo ops on Iceland’s volcanic trails

Forged in volcanic fire, Iceland’s dramatic landscapes are so wild, vast, and varied that it’s almost impossible to experience them all on one tour. Almost.

From Laugavegur and Thórsmörk to the Glacier Lagoon, get ready for a greatest hits assembly of Icelandic adventures—complete with glacier hiking, exploring obsidian beaches, discovering hidden waterfalls, and soaking in steamy pools of geothermal water!

Born and raised in Iceland, hiking guide and self-professed nature addict Saga Líf knows these epic trails like the back of her hand. Her mission is to bring more women into the outdoors and help them experience the beauty of Iceland in a safe and supportive environment.

If you want to learn how to get the most out of Iceland in the least amount of time, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to unleash your inner valkyrie!

Webinar host

Saga Líf
Local hiking guide and owner of Viking Women

In her six years of guiding, Icelandic local Saga Líf has helped hundreds of female hikers find beauty and empowerment in the Land of Fire and Ice. With a focus on small groups, wellness, and feminine comradery, she makes it her lífe’s mission to provide fellow adventurers with the most well-rounded custom hiking experiences in Iceland.