Liz covered:

  • Why running an alta via beats hiking it any day of the week
  • The logistics of organizing a trail running trip in the Dolomites
  • How to properly pack for your Italian adventure
  • The perks of staying in a rustic rifugio
  • Northern Italy’s delicious coffee and cuisine
  • Pro tips for your first trail running adventure

Thrusting upwards from the rolling meadows and alpine lakes of Northeast Italy, the pale spires of the Dolomites rise like beckoning fingers. Across their backside flows a network of age-old hiking trails—the alta vias—giving lifeblood to this rugged land of adventure.

To experience landscapes as dramatic as these, a hike just won’t cut it—a run-cation is the way to go. Blending the rush of sprinting between summits with the comfort of rustic rifugios, trail running is the king of sports in this alpine paradise. Powered by choice cuisine and proper Italian espresso, this one’s worthy of a golden laurel!

Check out this FREE WEBINAR hosted by veteran runner Liz Gill and learn why a hut-to-hut trail running tour is the best way to experience the Pale Mountains in all their glory. Liz described what it’s like to run one of the most popular high routes in Italy, shared some deets about the local culture, and provideed some tips and tricks for prepping your first trail-running adventure.

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Webinar host

Liz Gill
Running coach, backpacking guide, and founder of Runcation Travel

Following a 5-year competitive run at the NCAA Division 1 level, Liz has been coaching at the high school, collegiate, and adult level since 2009. She’s the founder of Runcation Travel, which provides international running retreats and adventures for avid runners. Along with her experience guiding backpacking, paddling and kayaking trips around the world, she also holds an MS in Kinesiology.