Meg covered:

  • Why everyone can get into trail running
  • Why Chamonix is the ideal setting for this adventure
  • A quick rundown of Meg’s all-women trail camp
  • Triumphant tales from inspiring women runners
  • Logistical advice for your trail running trip to Chamonix
  • How to train and prepare for your run

Trail running blends the thrills of rushing down a track with the tranquil joys of exploring untamed landscapes. In the right setting and with the right guide, it’s the perfect blend for an alpine adventure that will stick with you in the long run. 

And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better guide than Meg Mackenzie.

Meg is a trail running coach with top finishes in numerous famous races, from the Mont Blanc Marathon to South Africa’s Ultra Trail Cape Town. She’s also an avid advocate for women’s causes, who dedicates her time helping women find strength and confidence on the trails.

Her special women’s trail running camp in Chamonix was designed to give women of all skill levels a taste for the trails while providing a place where they can grow together, support each other, and share their experiences in an encouraging environment.

Ready to get up-to-speed with trail running and how it can change your life? Tune in to our FREE WEBINAR! In an hour-long session, Meg will go over the ins and outs of her upcoming trail running retreat in Chamonix, with an ample supply of training advice, logistical pro tips, and inspirational stories.

Webinar host

Meg Mackenzie
Champion trail runner and running coach

Born and raised in South Africa, Meg spent most of her childhood playing sports, hiking with her family, and riding horses. After getting her degrees in economics and political science in 2010, she got into trail running. and after exhausting all the trails that South Africa had to offer, she started racing all over Europe. Upon discovering the beauty of Chamonix, France, on a summer van trip in 2018, Meg decided to make the valley her home, and now guides inspirational women’s running trips with Run the Alps.