Sam shared:

  • Why you should go on a cycling tour of Shikoku Island
  • The highlights of the Shimanami Kaido, Japan’s most iconic bike trail
  • The vibrant villages and delectable dishes you’ll encounter
  • The gear and bike you’ll need for the best possible ride
  • Pro tips on how to plan your trip there

Often overlooked by tourists, Shikoku houses the Shimanami Kaido, Japan’s most legendary cycling path.

The smallest of Japan’s major islands is a rider’s wonderland hiding in plain view.

Whether you’re into scenic coastal routes or challenging mountain climbs, Shikoku offers something for every rider — with plenty of Shinto temples & traditional villages to explore, fantastic food to enjoy, and steaming onsens to share a sake in.

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Webinar host

Sam Barclay
Co-founder of Hidden Japan Travel

Originally from the United Kingdom, Sam has called Shikoku home for the last 9 years. Inspired by their passion for nature and love of exploration, he and his co-founder Miho founded Hidden Japan Travel, a company specializing in tours to the remote, less touristy parts of Japan. Sam loves exploring rural Japan and knows how it feels to fall in love with these landscapes – and he delights in sharing that sensation with his clients.