7. Baffin Island

Baffin Island climbing is big wall expedition climbing at its best. The rock climbing and variety of objectives is worth the epic adventure, but it’s for experts only. I have yet to go, but I’m constantly dreaming up a reason to visit. Simply getting to the rock walls is a challenge in itself. It involves flying to one of the most remote places in Canada, then flying to an even smaller, more remote one. Then, it’s a decision between either snowmobiling in for 140 km or taking a boat and hiking in for 42 km. Tumbling glaciers, floating icebergs, giant polar bears — is there anything missing to make this a more dramatic adventure?

Rock climbing baffin island, canada
Rock climbing on Baffin Island is a remote adventure to the Canadian Arctic. Basecamp in Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut, Canada.

The images of the mountains up Weasel Valley are mind boggling. Mount Asgard, known as ‘Sivanitirutinguak’ by the Inuit, is Baffin’s most famous, and most beautiful peak, and it commands your full attention. I wouldn’t know where to start in listing off possible objectives, it all depends on ability. As I write this, I am dreaming of getting strong again and heading up here for a month.

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Greg Hill

Greg Hill

ACMG Ski Guide extraordinaire and emission free adventurer

Greg Hill is known far and wide for incredible first ascents and all around skiing prowess. He’s also a good friend of 57hours. His on mountain accomplishments are too many to list here, but he’s been known for skiing the odd 2,000,000’ in 2010; he skied 50,000’ in 24hrs because he can. Oh, yeah, he also climbed and skied 100km in the month of March 2014. Not too shabby. Of late, Greg’s changing the world one adventure at a time with his Chevy Bolt. Zero-emission skiing and adventure.

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