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As the most beloved route of the millennium-old Camino de Santiago, it’s no wonder that Camino Francés is a magnet for hundreds of thousands of people a year. From the quaint French village of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, this 500-mile ancient pilgrim path spans the entire north of the Iberiean Peninsula, with its grand finale in the holy city of Santiago de Compostela. The journey is made easier by going on this self-guided tour—your accommodation and luggage transfer are settled every single day! All that’s left to do is enjoy the pilgrimage: over the course of at least 36 days, you’ll walk through sprawling hills of Castilla y Leon, follow mountainous pathways across the Pyrenees, sample fine wines in La Rioja, tour thousand-year-old cathedrals in Galicia, and fall asleep to the vespers of nuns. One yellow scallop after another, and before you know it, you’ve completed your pilgrimage!

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  • Just enjoy the journey

    With a self-guided tour, all that’s left to do is “worry” about soaking in the views, culture, and traditions

  • Disconnect and enjoy your surroundings

    Spend more than a month walking through 4 colorful autonomous regions

  • Solitude and community

    Whether you’re going solo or with friends, you will find a new type of peace and also meet new friends along the way

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Camino Frances, the most famous pilgrimage of all the Camino de Santiago routes, is a month-long journey across the breadth of Northern Spain. Dealing with logistics is a hassle—how to secure accommodation every night, how to transfer all your luggage, what if you need help with the route… To avoid these issues, a self-guided tour of Camino Frances is the perfect pick: you’ve got 24/7 agency support, reserved accommodation in 2-3* hotels and guesthouses, and luggage transfer every day! Instead of focusing on the organization of it all, focus on your own enjoyment along the Camino, experience the camaraderie of the pilgrimage, and see what you’re made of over the course of 36 days. One step at a time and you’ll soon be in the historic Santiago de Compostela, whose monumental cathedral reputedly safeguards the remains of St. James, the apostle.

  • Your first day on the Camino is all about settling in and getting some rest for the upcoming journey. Book into your hotel in the heart of town and get a good night’s sleep.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast

  • The first walking day of Camino Frances is considered the most difficult as it crosses the Pyrenees. The “Camino Napoleon” kicks off with a steep climb, and then continues along country houses and Alpine-looking meadows before meandering alongside beach woods towards the Spanish border. Soon you’ll be in Roncesvalles, where you’ll spend the night.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 24.3 km / 15 miles
    Note: If you’d like to break this day into two (12 km (7.5 miles) on the first and 14 km (8.7 miles) on the second day), it’s possible to arrange that. Keep in mind that you’d be walking along the main road, which is not on the usual Camino itinerary, and it’s not as rewarding as the “Camino Napoleon”.
    Important: “Camino Napoleon” is closed for pilgrims for the 1st of November until the 31st of March. Pilgrims need to use the alternative route via Valcarlos in this case. Traveling on the Napoleon Route at that time is forbidden and all pilgrims going over the Pyrenees and having to be rescued will be fined €5,000.

  • Cross two mountain passes and continue on through beech and oak woods and meadows before reaching Espinal. Here is where panoramic views of the countryside open up, with the Pyrenees in the background. The river Arga runs alongside this part of the Camino and continues its course to Larrasoana.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.2 km / 13.2 miles

  • Keep walking alongside the Arga river, at the foot of hills covered with beech, oak, and Scots pine. As you approach Pamplona, you’ll be going through reforested conifers and farmlands.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.2 km / 13.2 miles

  • Leave Pamplona and the Atlantic area of Navarra behind. The landscape is now marked by cereal crops, Holm oaks, and Mediterranean brushwood. As you cross the Alto del Perdon, you’ll also leave the Pamplona basin behind.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 22.7 km / 14.1 miles

  • This part of the path is very uneven and agricultural. You’ll be passing by small towns and villages, dotted among cereal fields, vineyards, and olive trees.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.6 km / 13.4 miles

  • Today you’re going through the Rioja area of Navarra. Enjoy walking through olive groves, cereal fields, and many vineyards. From Villamayor de Monjardín to Los Arcos, you’ll cover 12 km without coming across a single village.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.8 km / 13.5 miles

  • Leave Navarra and journey into Rioja. Today you have a pleasant walk ahead through the undulating countryside. On this route, you’ll pass the ruins of Clavijo castle. Finally, come into the town of Lotrono, which sits on the border between Alva and Navarra.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 27.9 km / 17.3 miles
    Note: There’s an option to split this into two days with a stopover in Viana.

  • For the first part of the day, you’ll mostly be walking through landscapes dominated by vineyards. At 12 km, you’ll pass Navarrete, a town built in the 12th century, where you’ll have a chance to stop for some refreshments and to visit the Baroque church of La Ascension. Finally you’ll arrive in Najera, where you can enjoy the panoramic views from this hill-top town.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 28.5 km / 17.7 miles

  • Country roads dominate this stage, which runs through the Cantabrian mountains to the north, and La Demanda range to the south. You can also visit the monastery of Valvanera deep in the middle of the La Demanda mountains. Later today, arrive in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.2 km / 13.2 miles

  • After a brief walk through a wooded area, the Camino continues through crop fields interspersed with woods. Soon you’ll see the Oca Mountains looming on the horizon. You’ll come to Belorado, where you can relax in the lovely main square. While on the route, don’t miss the Altarpiece in the 16th century church of San Juan Bautista, in Granon.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.5 km / 13.4 miles

  • Until you reach Villafranca Montes de Oca at the 14 km mark, the walk is similar to the previous one. However, as you go deeper into the woods, you’ll soon discover the Oca Mountains. Once you’re in San Juan de Ortega, have a look at the Gothic Mausoleum.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 23.9 km / 14.9 miles

  • After a tranquil walk in the mountains, make your way down into the valley of Pico River. Here, the wilderness landscapes disappear, making way for the Burgos city and its outskirts.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 24.8 km / 15.4 miles

  • Departing from Burgos, walk through crop fields that are typical of the region. You’ll also go through woods which serve as a memory of the time when one of the largest forests in Europe existed on these lands.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.4 km / 13.3 miles

  • Continue your walk towards Castrojeriz, upwards to another plateau and then going down towards the valley of river Bol. Today is another pleasant day spent between pasture and crop fields.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 19.2 km / 11.9 miles

  • Continue on to Alto Mosterales, situated between the valleys of two rivers, which is the highest point of the Meseta, and the last plains of the Burgos region. The river Pisuerga brings you into the province of Palencia and on into the “Tierra de Campo”. Make sure to visit Boadilla and its 14th-century church La Asuncion, famous for its Gothic pillars and wonderfully carved baptismal font.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 25.1 km / 15.6 miles

  • Though this stage of Camino Frances goes through areas that have been heavily influenced by men, you’ll follow the charming banks of the river Uciesa under the canopies. There are plenty of resting places along the way. Passing Villalcázar de Sirga, you’ll come across a good example of a Campos village—just a few houses and inhabitants, but an impressive church full of treasures.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 18.8 km / 11.7 miles

  • For 13 km of today’s walk, you’ll follow the historical “Aquitana Camino”, which is another route of Camino de Santiago. Walk through isolated countryside, passing popular woods, and crossing over several irrigation canals.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 17.2 km / 10.7 miles

  • Expect hilly terrain as you cross “cuezas”, or little valleys. Today you’re walking through oak woods before coming back to familiar cereal fields and crossing the river Valderaduey on your way to the countryside of Leon. Once in Sahagún, check out the church of San Lorenzo.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 22 km / 13.7

  • Leave the “Tierra del Campo” behind and move through the cereal and grain-covered plateau of Leon.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 17.2 km / 10.7 miles

  • Descend from the plateau towards the capital of the province, Leon. You’ll pass the village of Reliegos, and you’ll have the chance to take the “Via Traiana”; another Camino de Santiago that originates in Bordeaux.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 19 km / 11.8 miles

  • Walk alongside land that’s been set aside for irrigated crop growing before seeing the first signs of industrial activity up ahead. Once you’re at Portillo Hill, enjoy panoramic views of the city of Leon. The historic center of the city is well-preserved and worth visiting—it became the capital of the kingdom in the Middle Ages. Don’t miss out on The Pulchra Leonina, also known as the Sistine Chapel of Spanish architecture, and the old Hospital de San Marcos.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 19.1 km / 11.9 miles

  • Departing from Leon, the urban area you’ll be walking along continues almost as far as Virgen del Camino (7 km). From this point on, the route becomes more interesting as you go along the Plateau of Leon.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 20.5 km / 12.7 miles

  • Pass the famous Puente de Orbigo and leave behind the plateau. Soon you’ll see the Leon Mountains up ahead and the end of this stage will bring you to Astorga, the capital of Maragateria. Make sure you visit the Episcopal palace, the cathedral, and city walls.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 31.6 km / 19.6 miles

  • Today you’re deep within the region as you gradually make your way up to the foothills of Leon Mountains. This part of the countryside is characterized by broom, oak trees, and conifer plantations.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 19.7 km / 12.2 miles

  • Today you’ll have one of the most rewarding days on the Camino! Enjoy broom and heather surroundings as you ascend to Mount Irago. You’ll witness the iconic Iron Cross on the mountain pass before making your way downwards to the wealthy area of Bierzo.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 31.2 km / 19.4 miles
    Note: You have an option to split this into two days (24 km (14.9 miles) on the first and 8 km (5 miles) on the second day). Accommodation would be in a superb chalet hotel in Molinaseca.

  • Today you cross the region of Bierzo, a sunken plain nestled within a ring of mountains, perfect for the cultivation of many types of fruit and vegetables. In Villafranca, don’t miss out on the Iglesia de Santiago garden.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 24.5 km / 15.2 miles
    Note: You have an option to split this into two days, with a stopover in La Portela de Valcarce.

  • Get ready for a challenging day with an ascent of 1,000 m. Pass through the narrow valley of the river Valcace before tackling the ascent of O Cebreiro. Nestled between Los Ancares and La Sierra do Courel ranges, this stage involves a steep climb in the course of only a few kilometers.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 28.6 km / 17.8 miles

  • Starting from O Cebreiro, the trail goes through the Sierra de Ranadoiro, and, after crossing the Alto do Poio, it descends into the valley to the village of Triacastela.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 20.4 km / 12.7 miles

  • Of the two Camino options, the San Xil Camino offers scenery that will encourage you with its many corredoiras (narrow forest routes) and paved pathways that cut through typical Galician oak woods. If you wish to visit Samos, you’ll pass through the narrow valley of the Ouribio river, mostly along the road.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 18 km / 11.2 miles

  • Expect a peaceful walk in shady oak woods and villages on quiet country roads. The village of Barbadelo has an incredible Romanesque church well worth a visit. The next significant village is Ferreiros, and soon you’ll arrive in Portomarin where you can relax on one of the many terraces on the main plaza.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 21.9 km / 13.6 miles

  • Camino Frances crosses the river Minho and climbs steadily uphill. On your way, you’ll be crossing Gonzar and passing the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria, Castromaior as well as the Galician Cemetery in Ligonde. In Eirexe, one must see the Romanesque portal of the church, featuring a sculpture of Daniel and animals as well as a statue of Santiago de Peregrino. Arrive in Palas de Rei.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 24.2 km / 15 miles

  • Continue slightly downhill, passing the village of Casanova and the charming village of Leboreiro. At Melide, stop in one of the many restaurants. Later today, the Camino will follow a forest track and cross several streams, finally bringing you to the village of Boente and its Santiago church. Pass through Ribadiso and finally arrive in Arzua. This small town has two churches you might consider visiting, Santa María and La Magdalena.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 29 km / 18 miles
    Note: You have an option to split this into two days (14 km (8.7 miles) on both days).

  • This shaded section of the trail goes through woods, along streams and through sleepy villages. Take your time and visit the chapel of Santa Irena and its unique Santiago statues. The rest of the way to Rua-O Pino is on a quiet road.
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 17.5 km / 10.9 miles

  • Nearly there! Pass through Lavacolla, a place where pilgrims traditionally washed in the river before reaching Santiago de Compostela. Tall eucalyptus trees line your way to Monte del Gozo (Mount of Joy), from which you can see your goal—the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela! After descending into the city, you’ll be able to witness this UNESCO World Heritage Site upclose. Congratulations, you completed your Camino Frances!
    Accommodation: Hotel or guesthouse
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 20.5 km / 12.7 miles

  • After breakfast, you can either stay longer and explore the area, or head back home!
    Meals: Breakfast

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Follow the Camino
Follow the Camino
Follow the Camino has been leading the way since 2007 and was the first-ever tour operator to lead along Camino de Santiago. They’ve been making the Camino more accessible, enjoyable, and achievable for thousands of pilgrims and travelers from all around the world. Their focus is on respecting this ancestral pilgrimage, its spirit, and its values.
5.00 (6 reviews)
darragh o’neill (source: Google Reviews)

My first time doing the Camino and the professional way FOLLOW THE CAMINO handled our trip from start to finish was second to none. The communication made it so easy to understand what we needed to do to prepare and gave us plenty of hints and tips to make the walks more enjoyable and make the most of the stunning scenery along the way. They also supplied a luggage transfer to our next hotel and the hotels were very clean, great food and excellent prices. We were given a kit with Camino Passport, Camino shell and a bandana which came in handy protecting from the sun. Over all FOLLOW THE CAMINO made this an experience we will never forget and would highly recommend them to groups or solo for a life time of memories.

Martin Jones (source: Google Reviews)

Our group had a fabulous time on our Camino Way walk. The support, guidance and pre-trip information were excellent. The roadbook with maps was a great help although there were plenty of markers and hundreds of fellow travellers to keep us on the right track. The most welcome surprise was the accommodation which, in each case, was very good and, in some cases, outstanding!

JoAnn Schafer (source: Google Reviews)

My husband and I completed the Camino Francis from Leon to Santiago in mid-October. Our booking with Follow the Camino was one of our best decisions for this trip. We are in our 60’s and it was our first time traveling to Europe. The staff was patient in answering all my questions and tailored our trip to meet our needs. We arranged for luggage transfer and morning breakfasts. There was only one time the luggage was not at our hotel when we arrived but this was easily corrected within 30 minutes. The accommodations were varied (which we liked) and always clean and comfortable. The staff was prompt in responding to any questions I had while on our trip. I would highly recommend (and have already done so with friends) to use Follow the Camino.

Leslie K Abernathy (source: Google Reviews)

The Follow the Camino support group was AMAZING! They were there for at every turn of the way. If/when I had issues or questions, there was always someone available to answer my call. I never felt alone. They were incredibly helpful ahead of time with all the planning on the Camino. They gave me amazing advice on what the journey would be like and how to plan/pack/navigate. And all the places they booked for me to stay were exactly what I needed each day. I have recommended them to everyone who has expressed interest in the Camino and I would use them again without a doubt! Buen Camino!

Bryan white (source: Google Reviews)

Follow the Camino is simply the best option for planning any trip along the Camino de Santiago. Our trip along the Portuguese Coastal route was flawless. The airport transfers were on-time and friendly. The hotels were perfect accommodations for us, clean and easy to find. All included a good breakfast and many also provided a delicious dinner. The luggage transfer service was excellent, we never had to wait for our bags. The preparatory instructions for packing, planning and training were very detailed and informative. Finally, the customer service provided by Jade and the rest of the staff was first rate. We will walk another Camino, hopefully many more, and Follow the Camino will be my first step!!

Tony Dunne (source: Google Reviews)

I am just back from a truly memorable and incredible 7 day experience which was made so good by the attention to detail and going beyond my needs in relation to a holiday package from the people in “Follow the Camino “ from the pick up drivers to hotel staff to the quality of service I cannot fault one bit. My bag was taking daily and dropped off at the next destination. Breakfast was had daily. The quality of the hotels was comfortable and clean & tidy. I individual reviewed them all. This is not my first trip with “follow the Camino” and certainly won’t be my last.. well done – Gold star.

Things to know

  • By going on a self-guided tour, you’re able to walk at your own pace and enjoy the journey without worrying about the logistics of it all. The guiding company who put this all together is Follow the Camino. They’ve been leading pilgrims along their journey since 2007 and they were the first ever operator to organize walking along Camino de Santiago.

    There are many perks of choosing a self-guided tour. Apart from not having to adjust to the group, you’ll have the accommodation, breakfasts, luggage transfer, and route instructions sorted. You’ll be staying in carefully-selected 2-3* hotels and guesthouses and there’s no need to print out anything upon checking-in—your guides booked and arranged everything for you, all you have to do is show your I.D.

    This is a hassle-free trip so if you want to focus on enjoying your pilgrimage in the Spanish bucolic countryside, these self-guided tours are the perfect match.

  • What you get on this adventure:

      • Self-guided tour of the full Camino Frances
      • Pre-departure pack — you will receive it by post, the pack contains your pilgrim passport, luggage tag, route notes or guidebook if you have requested a hard copy
      • Walking notes and vouchers — download them yourself, the vouchers contain all the information about your accommodation and there’s no need to print them as your reservation will be confirmed
      • Breakfasts
      • Some dinners — check your vouchers
      • Accommodation during the tour (2-3* hotels or equivalent)
      • Luggage transfers
      • 24/7 Customer service

    What’s not included:

      • Transportation to and from the starting/end point
      • Lunch, dinners, and drinks
      • Insurance
      • Premium accommodation — available upon request
      • Airport pick-up — available upon request
      • Additional nights — available upon request
      • Day tours — available upon request

    If you have any special dietary requirements, let us know in time so we can make arrangements. Please remember to mention it once again upon check-in, it’s always best to double check.

  • The most important thing about walking the Camino Santiago is that you enjoy the journey at your own pace. Whether you’re a very fast or a slow walker, we encourage you to enjoy the trail. Having said that, being in excellent shape is still required.

    You’ll be doing between 18 to 32 km a day (11 to 20 miles), carrying a daypack of things you might need on the trail, for 36 days in a row. Don’t worry about the baggage, though, as the support vehicle will carry everything for you!

    Hiking for more than a month is strenuous. If you’ve never done any long-distance hiking, you should start your workout regime at least 12 weeks prior to the start of the hike. Work on your strength, stability, and cardio. Let us know if you have any questions regarding preparation.

    If the full Camino Frances is too big of an obligation for you at the moment, check out our self-guided options for week-long walking along Camino de Santiago.

  • Here’s a list of clothing we recommend bringing:

      • Clothes made from quick-drying fabrics (avoid cotton)
      • Leisure clothing and footwear for the evenings
      • Spare clothes for layering
      • Waterproof rain jacket
      • Fleece pullover or jacket
      • Quick-dry short-sleeved and long-sleeved tops
      • Quick–dry walking pants (consider the ones that zip off to make shorts)
      • Waterproof pants — optional (unless it’s very cold, it’s usually best to hike in shorts, but feel free to bring these pants if you’d feel more comfortable)
      • Hiking boots or shoes
      • Hiking socks
      • Sunhat
      • Gloves

    Here’s a list of other equipment we suggest you bring:

      • Daypack large enough to carry everything you might need throughout the day
      • Hydration bladder or a water bottle
      • Sunglasses
      • Hiking poles — optional
      • Earplugs — optional
      • Basic first aid essentials, such as blister protection
      • Toiletries (sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bug spray, etc.)
      • Camera — optional (but recommended)
  • Your guides will send you a pre-departure pack by post. The pack contains your pilgrim passport, luggage tag, route notes or guidebook if you’ve requested a hard copy. In case there are certain complications with receiving the pre-departure pack, it will wait for you at your first accommodation.

    You’ll have to download the walking notes and vouches yourself. The walking notes are here to assist you. Although the Camino is pretty well-marked and you only need to follow the yellow arrows, there are sometimes variations on the routes or some of them are more difficult to follow than the others. We recommend that you always familiarize yourself with the daily journey ahead. You’ll also download the vouchers yourself. These vouchers contain all the information about your confirmed accommodation—there will be an address, their phone number, any special instructions on how to get there, and a small map.

    You will find a 24/7 support phone number on the bottom of each voucher. Keep in mind that there’s no need to print out the vouchers, as your reservations will be confirmed.

  • Accommodation for the duration of your tour is based on a number of criteria, including location, comfort, services, price, and character. Though accommodation on the Camino is limited, your guides will always try to book something that is near the Camino as well as the historical center of the city. Expect hotels of a 3* standard in larger cities, while for the smaller villages and towns, your guide choose hotels or guesthouses of a 2* standard. Exceptions may be made.

    In case your accommodation is located outside the town, you’ll need to check your vouchers for specific instructions on how to get to your accommodation. Most likely the accommodation will organize a taxi transfer or they will pick you up themselves. All the necessary information will be on the vouchers, which is why it’s important to check them every morning so you can plan ahead.

  • The luggage transfer is limited to 1 bag per person with a maximum weight of 15 kg per bag, it does not matter the size of the bag. Additional bags can be transferred for an extra €10 per bag per transfer. Please note that boots or smaller bags attached to the main bag count as an extra bag and will be charged accordingly.

    If you’re moving onto different accommodation, we ask you to have the luggage ready by 8 am at the reception. Make sure to use your luggage tags—ideally, write your trip reference and your mobile phone number if you wish. Your luggage should be at the next hotel by 6 pm max. Note that if you’re not walking to your following destination (for example on days when you take public transport), you have to carry it yourself.

  • Group sizes and prices:

      • It’s possible to arrange self-guided tours for both solo travelers as well as large groups. The cost does not decrease as the group grows.

    Min. age requirements:

      • If you are older than 18, you’re good to go.
      • Minors younger than 18 may be permitted to join the hike on a case-by-case basis, but must be in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

    If your group has hikers under the age of 18, contact us prior to booking to make arrangements.

  • Your pilgrimage begins in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in southwestern France. To get there, you can fly into Madrid-Barajas International Airport (MAD) or one of the airports in Paris. From there, you can rent a car, take a train or a bus to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. It will take you anywhere between 4 and 6 hours.

    You can also fly into Biarritz Airport (BIQ). The journey to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port will take you about 1.5 hours if you choose to go by train.

  • 57hours is committed to providing safe outdoor adventure experiences. We require all guides using our platform to have a COVID-19 safety plan and to make the details of that plan accessible to travelers. In most cases, group sizes will be reduced, guides will avoid overcrowded locations, and other safety measures will be met depending on the location and activity.

    We also expect clients to respect local regulations and take measures to protect themselves, their guides, and the communities they’re traveling to. For more information on COVID-19 measures in Spain and France, please refer to requirements for travel to Spain and France Diplomacy’s COVID-19 advice.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information. We are happy to provide you with the most up-to-date information!

  • A non-refundable 30% deposit to secure your place is due upon booking. The remaining amount is paid 2 months (60 days) prior to departure. Once the trip is confirmed by the guide, the cancellation policy stated below applies.

      • If Client cancels the Booking anytime prior to sixty (60) calendar days in advance of the trip contemplated by the booking, Client is entitled to a full refund minus the deposit.
      • For cancellations fifteen (15) to fifty-nine (59) calendar days in advance, Client is entitled to a refund in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the total amount paid when Booking.
      • After that deadline, Client is not entitled to any refund. Any reimbursable expenses arising out of the Booking incurred by Guide prior to the date of cancellation (including but not limited to plane tickets, car rental payments, and lodging or transportation fees) are non-refundable as soon as they are incurred by the Guide.

    Client can transfer their booking to a person who satisfies all the requirements, having first given the Guide reasonable notice in writing to do so before the departure date (such notice must be given more than 21 days prior to the date of departure). Client who transfers the Booking shall be jointly and severally liable with the transferee to the Guide for the payment of any balance due in respect of the holiday and for a substitution fee of €30.00 per person substituted, subject to a maximum of €120.00 per booking (or such other greater sum as may be authorized).

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