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You can hike the Grand Canyon year round

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All levels of hikers are welcome!

Hike in one of the seven natural wonders of the world

You can see it from space. That’s how big it is. Grand Canyon National Park contains 277 miles of river, its widest point spans 18 miles, and its depth measures one mile deep! Because of its depth, the bottom of the canyon has an entirely different ecosystem than what you’ll find at its northern and southern rims. Ever since the area was made into a national park, one hundred years ago, hiking and adventure in the area have thrived.

Most popular packages and classes in the Grand Canyon

South Kaibab Trail Day Hike

from $145 per person · 1 day

Considered by many to be the quintessential introduction to the Grand Canyon, the Kaibab Trail is for all levels of hikers who are looking to discover a small part of a big area. The trip can range anywhere from 3 to 6 miles and offers spectacular ridge hiking and canyon views. Depending on the desires of your group’s members, turn around either at Cedar Ridge for a shorter hike, or Skeleton Point, where you can see the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch.

Grand Canyon Explorer

from $1,250 per person · 4 days

Because it can sometimes be difficult to decide exactly what to see, why not see it all? Take in more than the South Rim on this four day trip with basecamp hiking and one night spent in a lodge. Hiking 25 miles over the course of the trip, you’ll see the North and South Rim, and Marble Canyon, the origin of the Grand Canyon. There is some boulder scrambling so previous hiking experience is preferred!

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

from $1,370 per person · 4 days

This is the classic hike on many backpackers’ bucket lists. This tour starts on the cooler North Rim, which has more shade, and descends down to the canyon floor on the North Kaibab Trail. From there you’ll hike along Bright Angel Creek to the Cottonwood Campground and stay for your first night. Other stops along the way include the Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River, then Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden. Finally, you’ll hike to Plateau Point before resuming your hike out of the canyon via the South Rim.

Things you need to know

When is the best time to go?

Grand Canyon National Park is hikeable year-round. Because of the park’s enormity, the climate can vary from rim to rim and on the floor of the canyon, though people do hike both sides even during winter.

What's a typical itinerary?

It depends on the duration of the hike and where you are headed. Most guiding companies have shuttle services to pick up guests on the first day. If it’s a day hike, you’ll meet with your guide and group first, discuss the trail and conditions prior to heading out.

What about group sizes?

Group sizes are usually between 1 – 12 people. If you’re doing a day or half-day hike, more hikers can offset prices. Everyone wins.

What about bad weather?

Inclement weather can rarely get in the way of hiking here, but your guiding service will make the call on whether or not to go if there is any concern. Attention to the temperature, not rain, is what needs the most scrutiny. It can get hot.

Getting there

Flagstaff, AZ, (FLG) is the closest, large city.

It’s not when you decide to visit, it’s where you decide to explore

Because of its desert locale and separate ecosystems on each rim and in the canyon itself, the wealth of trails, flora and fauna are too tempting to pass up, at any time of year. You can try the epic rim to rim tour in any season, or start off on the classic South Kaibab Trail, which provides some of the finest views of the canyon on the South Rim. Also on the South Rim is the Rim Trail, which provides plenty of hikeable terrain without having to go into the canyon itself. Even though the Grand Canyon can get crowded, there are ways to avoid the masses: the Hermit Trail, as its name implies, is a great way to explore the area on an abandoned Sante Fe Railroad line. For those looking to hike to the base, the rewards are plentiful: the Colorado River, Phantom Ranch, and Bright Angel Trail and Campground are all worth the extra effort.

Who should go hiking in the Grand Canyon?

There really is something for every level of hiker. If you don’t want to make it to the canyon floor, no problem! The South Rim has hikes with plenty of views for every level of hiker. For those hikers who want to go deeper, they can! There’s plenty of variety for everyone to make their visit memorable and special.

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