Colt & Nastia will cover:

  • What makes the Pacific Crest Trail one of the most iconic trails in the world
  • The most beautiful and scenic sections of the trek
  • Why the PCT, one of the 11 National Scenic Trails, is the perfect escape into the wild
  • Tips for the basics of backpacking and the gear you’ll need
  • What it takes to spend a night in the wilderness and how to behave

Winding all the way from Mexico to the cold shoulder of Canada, the Pacific Crest Trail is one of the crown achievements of American trekking. At 2,650 miles, this National Scenic Trail is the second longest gem in the Triple Crown of hiking.

While thru-hiking the whole trek would take 4-5 months on average, there’s always the option of heading to the mountains for just a few days—perfect for all those wanting to get a taste of the wild. The trail going through Oregon is one of the easier, but also one of the most beautiful sections of the PCT. Lush temperate rainforests are an unmistakable trademark of the Pacific Northwest, though you could also stroll through wildflower meadows, swim in crystal clear lakes, and admire the spectacular Mt. Hood Volcano.

Whether you’d like to get a broad overview of the Pacific Crest Trail or you’d like to hike a section of it, this comprehensive webinar will set you on the right track. The inspiring PCT is always a good idea for a getaway into the wild, perfect even for total backpacking beginners, so let your seasoned hosts tell you everything there is to know about being on the PCT.

Webinar hosts

Colt Peeters
Hiking Guide and Wilderness First Responder

At 20 years old, Colt moved out of the Midwest to a small town outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, which is where he met his first true love—the mountains. In the following years, Colt spent his summers summiting 14ers, climbing the next big wall, or backpacking through the many wilderness areas of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Finally, Colt moved to Oregon, where he became a wilderness therapy guide and where he worked closely with struggling youth and young adults.

Nastia Bendebury
Hiking Guide and Wilderness First Responder

Loved the wilderness since she saw the raw night sky full of stars in the Sierra Mountains. She has skied, climbed, and hiked her way across some of the most beautiful routes of North America, and is lucky enough to have landed as a guide in the Pacific Northwest – the place with some of the most luscious landscapes in existence.