Host will cover:

  • What to expect from thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
  • The most beautiful and iconic sections of the trek
  • How to physically prepare for a 2,600+ mile hike
  • The gear you’ll need and why packing light is key
  • Finding water, restocking, and other tips for making it through
  • Staying safe throughout your adventure

Winding all the way from Mexico to the cold shoulder of Canada, cresting the Cascades and skirting the Sierra Nevada, the Pacific Crest Trail is one of the crowning achievements of American trekking. At 2,650 miles, it’s the second longest gem in the Triple Crown of hiking—but it might just be the toughest.

Thru-hiking the PCT involves crossing three states, seven national parks, and 23 national forests. Along the way, deserts and alpine tundra transform into lush valleys, old-growth forests and high mountain passes, painting a lavish collage of the West Coast’s natural wonders. However, such beauty comes with a price.

One moment you’re trudging through the desert in 100-degree heat, the next you’re knee-deep in freezing snow. Couple that with frequent lightning strikes, unpredictable animal and plant life, or the hazards of bicycle and car traffic—and you’ve got yourself a hike to remember.

Whether you’re interested in thru-hiking the trail or sampling it in sections, this comprehensive one-hour webinar will set you on the right track. From stocking up on gear and supplies to fitness and safety considerations, your seasoned host will teach you everything you need to know for an A-OK time on the PCT.

Webinar host

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