Bine covered:

  • How he brought hiking Mont Blanc to a whole new level
  • The history and heritage of Europe’s grandest mastiff
  • The must-try trails and hidden gems you have to hike
  • Why going exclusive is the best way to experience Mont Blanc
  • Anything you’d like to know about his trips

Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s most hyped—and hiked—destinations. And while many guides stick to the tried-and-true trails, others add their own twist to the classics.

UIMLA-certified National Geographic guide Bine Žalohar leads exclusive hiking trips in the Mont Blanc area. Blending the history, geography, and spectacular scenery of the massif with fine dining and five-star accommodations, he provides his clients with a unique perspective of the Alps, an Aperol-flavored adventure that educates, engages, and elevates all the senses.

Want to learn more about Bine’s all-inclusive trips and see why they deserve a spot on your bucket list? Tune in to our Live Q&A session!

In an hour-long talk, Bine will answer all of your questions about his luxury Mont Blanc hiking tours. Learn what it’s like to stroll through the history of Mont Blanc, see as much of the mastiff in as little time, and soak it all in over a Spritz and a view of Grandes Jorasses.

Webinar host

Bine Žalohar
UIMLA-Certified Guide

Born in the Slovenian mountains, Bine Žalohar has traveled the world skiing and hiking. He is a passionate extreme sports enthusiast; freestyle skier, surfer, mountain biker, climber, and underwater fisherman. Having obtained a sports degree, Bine continued training and went on to become a licensed skiing and mountain guide. His passion lies in sharing the wonders of the beloved Alps as well as destinations in Japan, Croatia, France, Austria, and many more with fellow adventure junkies.