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Why 57hours?

There are exactly 57 hours one has available between Friday at 3 pm and midnight on Sunday. For years, as suits real weekend warriors, our routine has been to escape work early on Friday, pack up a car full of gear and drive off to climb, hike, ski, run, or sail… returning late Sunday, tired, happy and fully recharged. That simple routine gave us back so much in the most unexpected ways for years to come.

A lifestyle that keeps giving back

Starting when I was a kid, I spent tons of time outdoors. I climbed rocks, skied trees, biked and ran trails long before I knew the term ‘adventure sports’. These days, outdoor adventures are a huge part of my identity, and a side of myself I love to share with friends and, most importantly, my family. We’re a connected, happy, healthy family of four really good skiers, climbers and sailors–due to this investment we’ve made in time spent together, one weekend at a time.

Amazing memories

While our friends sometimes tell us we’re crazy, my family’s ‘normal’ weekends have led us to  climbing the Grand Teton and Half Dome, heli-skiing in Alaska, more skiing in Chamonix, kitesurfing in Cabarete and Maui, sailing in the Mediterranean, running a  bunch of NYC half-marathons, and many happy times climbing the Gunks.

Testing your boundaries

I spent 20 years learning to ski, climb and sail by myself, never taking a lesson. I was definitely a classic example of doing it the hard way! But it made me learn so much about myself and my boundaries. I’ve found there is no skill I can’t master if I just put enough patience and practice into it, whether it’s climbing mountains, becoming a top software engineer or being CEO of my company. Adventure sports taught me to take on any life challenge with ease–and to have  a ton of fun doing it.

Making lifelong friends

I’ve also learned how much fun it is to share my discoveries. Besides my wife and kids, I’ve hooked a bunch of friends into outdoor sports. I get so much joy and satisfaction out of seeing a person who couldn’t run for more than a few hundred yards becoming a ultramarathoner! Some of these people have been my best friends for decades–we work, plan vacations and watch our kids ski and sail, together. And while some of them have passed me by as climbers and runners, I like to think I still lead the pack as a skier!


This lifestyle is available to everyone! We created to be a pathway for you to do things that just yesterday seemed impossible. If you are anything like me, my family, or our friends, learning how to ‘play’ outdoors will add a wonderful new dimension–and new people and friendships–to your life, now and for years to come.

Easing you up the learning curve

We’ll save you those decades of figuring things out on your own. My climbing, running, and skiing colleagues have carefully selected NYC-accessible classes and guides to take you, step by step, towards your final goal (climbing El Cap? skiing in Alaska? surfing Hawaii’s North Shore?).

Our mission

The 57Hours mission is all about supporting you to learn a new sport and love every weekend. But, warning! our vision is actually much bigger: We want to help you live your life to fullest. Looking back ten or twenty years from now, we’re hoping you’ll find deep satisfaction in how you used your precious chunks of free time.

Skills you’ll acquire with will take you to parts of the world out of reach for most people, gaining you access to mountain peaks, oceans, forests, vertical rock walls…. You’ll be equipped to explore places where encountering your innermost self, experiencing deep calm and unexpected joy is a natural state of being. You’ll meet wonderful people who’ll become your lifelong friends. In other words–you’ll never be the same.

Changing people for better and closer to nature, one person at a time (that means you!), through outdoor experience and adventure sports.

I hope our trails will cross! It would be great to share stories and ideas. Until then, enjoy yourself–

Wishing you a ton of fun!

About the author
All-round adventure junkie and founder of 57hours

Viktor is the heart and head of the 57hours team. For him it’s a toss up whether he likes backcountry skiing big runs or climbing steep routes more. Regardless, he’ll try any adventure once and he’s passionate about sharing his love for the outdoors.

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