Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is your go-to spot if you want to kite as many days as possible during your vacation. It has the highest average wind speed in the continental US, and it’s famous for its wind consistency. Wind junkies will also love how uncrowded it is. If you find six kiteboarders in one spot, that’s as crowded as it will get while you’re in Corpus Christi — that’s how many kiteboarding spots there are. Your biggest issue will be trying to decide where to kite first.

Expect wind every day

During the windiest season, from March through August, consistent thermal S and SE wind arrives in the early afternoon and keeps picking up until evening. In the low wind season, September through March, there are still a lot of kiteable days; the cold fronts bring some stronger N wind, which allows you to visit other spots than you would in the summer.

The best kiteboarding spots in Corpus Christie

Wildcat Park, Portland, is the most popular and windiest spot. It has flat to choppy waist-deep water, which makes it ideal for learning how to kiteboard (beginners should wear booties because of oyster shells).

Grassy Point, Corpus Christi is close to another location, Brozil, which is only accessible by kite for independent kiteboarders. Grassy Point has butterflat water because of its small channels. Enter this spot by driving through the marina and paying a small fee.

Oso Bay, Corpus Christi is a big flatwater spot protected by a long sandbar with a sandy, muddy bottom. Boots are recommended because of shells.

Join the locals for this Friday summer tradition

If you are visiting during the summer, join the locals on a Bay Crossing every Friday. Joey Stephenson from says, “We meet at Wildcat Park in Portland and cross the bay to go to Fajitaville on North Beach in Corpus Christi. There we land on the beach, have a drink, and then return to Portland. People have come here from as far as Wisconsin just to do a Bay Crossing with us.”

For more detailed information on all the kite spots, take a look at these lists from 361kite: Mainland Spots Around Corpus Christi, Back Bay/North Padre Island and Gulf Side/North Padre island.

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