1. Mount Toubkal

Your ascent for the Mount Toubkal trek will take two days and culminate in the most spectacular views. The peak is the central attraction of the expansive Toubkal National Park, a year-round destination thanks to its winter skiing and hiking in summer. This challenging but short trek is ideal for anyone who has a packed itinerary, giving you a fantastic opportunity to explore more of the region. A full day of hiking for this Atlas Mountain trek involves around 10 to 12 hours walking. It’s not for first-time hikers.

Atlas Mountains
Gorgeous views and a bit of frost on the ground during the descent of Mount Toubkal. Photo by ActiveSteve licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

You don’t need to be super-fit for this trip. The climbs, however, are demanding with some long days of sustained walking with a backpack. A good fitness level is helpful, especially while at high altitude. There will also be mules to carry supplies and baggage making your days much easier to enjoy. Our guides ensure you are on the best route for your group and stay safe during the hike.

Day one: hiking from Marrakech to Imlil base village

The first day of your Toubkal trek, heading out from Imlil at 5,708-feet elevation (1740m), will take about five and a half hours. The hiking starts off easy by taking in the sights and walking through the picturesque village of Aroumd. The small Berber village lies east across a floodplain to the tiny settlement of Sidi Chamarouch. You’ll have time in the traditional village before continuing up the gradual gradient to basecamp at either Neltner Refuge or Refuge du Toubkal.

You will head toward the Neltner Refuge at 10,521 feet (3207m), and depending on the conditions, stay the night at the Refuge itself or in a tent.

The picturesque village of Aroumd — where your first day of hiking will take you through. Photo by Mickaël T licensed under CC BY 2.0

Day two: Toubkal basecamp to Toubkal peak

An early start will take you to the top of the highest peak in North Africa standing at
13,665 feet (4,167m) elevation. The summit has an incomparable view of the Atlas Mountain range, the Sahara Desert and the natural environment that has enclosed this area for centuries. Soaking in the views, the time you spend at the top of Mount Toubkal will depend on the weather. You’ll get to spend around 30 minutes at the summit before descending to the basecamp for lunch.

As the rocky path continues up the mountain, the altitude drops. If approaching in the winter, you’ll also encounter snow and ice fields covering the mountain. Travelers have the option to ski part way down on the descent, adding to the adventure and ease of the Toubkal trek. Your day finishes back in Imlil.

About the author

Mohamed Toudaoui

Mohamed Toudaoui

Mountain & Desert Guide and co-owner of Trekking in Morocco

Mohamad still lives in the same village he was born: Imlil, Morocco — AKA “Little Chamonix.” Now the co-owner of Trekking in Morocco with his brother Brahim, he’s a fully certified mountain guide with over 20 years experience in trekking and the High Atlas mountain range and desert. Together, they have been leading adventurers through Morocco’s most interesting places, while also supporting the small communities that rely on tourism.

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