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Gear up for an unforgettable ride through the captivating Italian island of Sardinia! Starting from the sandy shoreline of Oristano and its turquoise sea, make your way into central Sardinia, discovering the natural and cultural riches along the way. This is a week-long self-guided tour: you’re the one who sets the pace, but without all the logistical hassle. So get ready to pedal along crowdless gravel roads (though you’ll also be given the chance to ride along tarmac roads), ride on old rail routes, explore fascinating mines and marine-protected areas. Saddle up and let the gravel roads be your guides to a thrilling week of discovery of all things Sardinian!

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  • Pristine marine paradise of Sinis

    The Sinis peninsula gathers spectacular soft quartz beaches, lagoons, and ponds

  • Explore at your own pace

    Do what you love most, when you want to, be it swimming in the Mediterranean or tasting delicious Sardinian food

  • Last wild horses in Europe

    Visit the Giara Plateau and see its majestic wild horses, said to be the last wild ones in Europe


Starting from the western side of the island, Oristano, embark on a week-long self-guided journey all the way to central Sardinia! During the course of this trip, you’ll visit important archeological sites, ride along old rail routes, explore caves and mines, relax at marine-protected areas, and so much more. Sardinia is a cyclists’ dream, especially its crowdless gravel roads which will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Nights are spent in outstanding accommodations, luggage transfers are also arranged, and you’ll get detailed maps and routes—the perfect recipe for a carefree holiday!

  • Transfer to your first accommodation in Cabras, Hotel Aquae Sinis, and settle in prior to a meet & greet for a bike fitting. It’s possible to do a ride loop, depending on your arrival time. Other than that, spend the day at your leisure.

    You can explore the Cabras coastline, where the turquoise sea and white sand beaches invite you for a swim—check out Is Arutas, Maimoni, and Mari Ermi. Alternatively, you can wander around Cabras and enjoy your hotel facilities.

    Accommodation: Hotel Aquae Sinis

    Is Arutas sand
  • Start your gravel bike adventure from Cabras and its inviting views of the Lagoon, the Spanish tower and the Roman bridge. Today’s ride takes you on mixed paved, salty, dusty and sandy flat fields with slight elevation, perfect for gravel offroading. Heading towards the peninsula of Sinis, just between the Lagoon of Cabras and the Gulf of Oristano, you’ll find many prehistoric discoveries like quaternary tombs, Nuragic towers, Nuragic wells, Spanish towers, and even a reconstruction of a neolithic village.

    Pushing through the sandy agricultural trails, you’ll soon see the Mediterranean Sea with its white quartz pebbled beaches of Mari Ermi, Is Arutas, and Maimoni. You’ll have the chance here to visit incredible sites, such as one of the oldest churches in Sardinia (in San Giovanni di Sinis) as well as ancient drawings and frescoes in the Hypogeum of San Salvatore. Some spaghetti westerns were filmed here. Head back through eucalyptus fields across the bridge, where the sea meets the Lagoon once again.

    Accommodation: Hotel Aquae Sinis
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 60 km / 37 miles, 57% unpaved road


    Sardinia, group of cyclists on gravel
  • Starting from Cabras, go south along the Gulf of Oristano, passing by farmlands and lagoons. Inland from the Green Coast, the massif Mont Arcuentu separates you from the sea for the length of its 8 kilometers. Once you pass Oristano, you will encounter other lagoons such as the Lagoons of Santa Giusta, of Arborea, and of Terralba. You will also pass the most important river in Sardinia, the River Tirso, stretching 152 kilometers from the central mountainous region to the beaches of Arborea.

    Arborea was a marshy lowland, drained, farmed and inhabited by farmers from Veneto and Friuli in the 1920s, and is still an important agricultural region for all of Italy today. Here you will see mostly agricultural lands and their many little villages until you reach the lagoons of Terralba and the fishing village of Marceddì. From Marceddì, you can admire the lagoons as you cross the bridge that will take you to Sant’Antonio di Santadi where rolling hills will take you along Mont Arcuentu all the way into Guspini.

    Accommodation: Hotel Tarthesh
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 68 km / 42 miles, 62% unpaved road

    Guspini, Sardinia
  • Start your day with a warm up around a basalt columned volcanic cone. Passing through the center of Guspini, continue onto a spectacular panoramic climb overlooking the town and the surrounding plains. You are heading towards Montevecchio along an old trail way used by the miners. Head down towards the dunes and beach of Piscinas, following creeks and streams with more mining sites all the way down to the river.

    The sandy dunes and river outlet consume the roads and flora along the coast, almost all the way to Portu Maga. That’s where you will head back up and over the mountain of the Green Coast known mostly to locals. This old rolling and twisty mountain road will take you back to the mining village Sa Tanca and to Montevecchio which has been mined since Nuragic times. Roll down the mountain and go back to your accommodation in Guspini, where you can relax by the pool with a refreshing drink in your hand.

    Accommodation: Hotel Tarthesh
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 66 km / 41 miles, 40% unpaved road

    Piscinas in Sardinia
  • Today you’ll step away from the seaside, go through the Campidano flats and towards central, hilly Sardinia. Warm up until you go offroad, through olive orchards, agricultural, and eucalyptus fields. The first major city you will pass through is San Gavino Monreale. Gravel roads will then take you through fields of the Campidano, where grain cultivation, vineyards, olive orchards, and almond orchards are riddled with ancient Nuraghi.

    Once you pass the flats of the Campidano, rolling hills of the Marmilla and megalithic structure of Cuccurada welcome you. You’ll find yourself between two high plateaus. On your left, the high plateau of the Giara dominates, but soon you’ll see the UNESCO World Heritage site of Su Nuraxi, Sardinia’s most intact and best-preserved example of a Nuragic village with a central tower which can be visited with a guide. From there, you will cycle around Barumini and into the olive orchards heading a bit north just under the high plateau of the Giara. Plenty of good gravel paths take you up and around the heels of the Giara to Gesturi, where you will find your accommodation in a typical Sardinian village.

    Accommodation: B&B Cortis Antigas
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 58 km / 36 miles, 61% unpaved road

    Su Nuraxi, Sardinia
  • Starting from Gesturi, ride towards Gergei through olive orchards and gravel roads with Mount Trempu on your left. Then you’ll reach Is Corropus, a lovely area featuring streams, small waterfalls, and natural pools, all surrounded by a dense maquis. Continue going through endless rolling hills and small villages such as Escolca and Serri, until you reach Lake Barrocus. Pedal over a natural isthmus of the lake onto its bigger island to get back onto the main road. From there, you’ll see the smaller island with San Sebastiano church built on top of it.

    The road continues to alternate between gravel and asphalt all the way to Genoni, from which you can reach the high plateau of Giara. The most popular sight there are the small wild horses which roam freely. You will also come across Nuragic villages and towers between oak forests. Free-range cattle and tree-climbing goats can also be seen. Lodging: B&B Cortis Antigas

    Accommodation: B&B Cortis Antigas
    Meals: Breakfast
    Distance: 61 km / 38 miles, 41% unpaved

    Cyclist next to a lake in Sardinia
  • After a farewell breakfast with your team, the tour has come to an end. If you’d like to stay longer in the area, just ask your guiding company for some recommendations!

    Meals: Breakfast

    Giara, basaltic plateau
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Bike Tour Sardinia
Bike Tour Sardinia
Bike Tour Sardinia is a local Sardinian bike tour operator offering high quality guided & self-guided bike tours in the most charming regions of Italy. They offer many years of experience and continuously strive to provide you with the most perfect holiday experience. Their local cycling knowledge is impeccable, they choose the most beautiful and comfy accommodations for you, as well as the best local restaurants. The goal of Bike Tour Sardinia is to make your trip safe, hassle-free, enjoyable, and one to remember!
5.00 (4 reviews)
Laurie (source: Guide’s website)

Beautiful landscape, unique boutique hotels, great food and wonderful biking, basically describes our experience with Bike Tour Sardinia. We went from Alghero to Oristano, exploring the medieval towns and coast. Mauro arranged a relatively seamless and fabulous self-guided adventure, being consistently available, helpful and responsive. We had both e-bikes and standard, but for me, the e-bike added ease and the ability for further exploration and smiles. I highly recommend Bike Tour Sardinia as a way to explore this beautiful island.

Susanne (source: Guide’s website)

I contacted Mauro to arrange a self guided bike trip. I had an excellent e-bike and my husband loved the road bike provided for us. The planning was made easy by BTS staff whom made excellent suggestions and answered all my questions by email efficiently and quickly. His hotel choice was good to exceptional – especially our first hotel – Villa Mosca – in Alghero! Each day our
luggage was transferred and in our room at our next destination before we were there!
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mauro and Bike Tour Sardinia to anyone. We’ve done several other tours with other companies and this was definitely the best one yet! We would like to return to Sardinia one day! Stunningly beautiful island, wonderful friendly people, and excellent food and wine!

Monica Michael (source: Google Reviews)

We had a wonderful experience. Mauro and Nik were helpful and everything was organized beautifully. The hotels we were booked were unique and we enjoyed them. Thank you!

Rob Flowers (source: Google Reviews)

Thanks Mauro and team. We had an excellent trip. The organisation and attention to detail was beyond expectation. The selection of places we stayed in exceptional. I can highly reccommend Bike Tours Sardinia. Thanks again.

Things to know

  • What you get on this adventure:

      • 7-day self-guided cycling tour in Sardinia
      • Accommodation in excellent four & three-star hotels (6 nights)
      • 6 breakfasts
      • Bike delivery in Cabras and professional bike fitting
      • Private Event on RWGPS APP, easy to follow with your own mobile phone
      • Printed maps with elevation gain
      • Sightseeing, restaurant and shopping suggestions
      • All baggage transfers
      • Drop-off bikes and gear in Gesturi
      • Bike Tour Sardinia water bottle
      • Tax

    What’s not included:

      • Transportation to the start point
      • Accommodations prior to and after the tour
      • Lunches and dinners
      • Bike rental (price per week per person, all equipment included, such as flat pedals and lights)
        • Hybrid or touring bike — $190
        • Race bike — $245
        • Gravel bike — $290
        • E-bike — $290
      • City tax — each village charges a tax for each day there, between €0,70-€2,50 (paid only in cash in person)
      • Anything not mentioned in the “what’s included” list
      • Extra days cycling, extra cooking classes or wine tastings — possible to add to your booking at an additional fee
      • Guide gratuities — optional
      • Travel and medical insurance — optional
  • If you’d like to go on this self-guided bike tour in Sardinia, you have to be in great physical shape. Total cycling mileage amounts to 328 km (205 miles) over the course of 6 days, mostly on unpaved, gravel roads. You can check out day-by-day distances in the itinerary. A great thing about this being a self-guided tour is that you can take your time and stop whenever you need to. Still, make sure you’re fit enough to cover these distances as you will have to reach your accommodation for the night.

    While this is a gravel bike tour, your guides will give you the possibility to always follow tarmac roads if you wish, meaning that there will always be at least 2 paths to ride.

  • This is a list of clothing & footwear we recommend you bring:

      • 2 pairs of cycling shorts (padded shorts recommended, try them out before the tour)
      • 2 riding jerseys
      • 2-3 t-shirts and/or casual shirts (quick-dry)
      • Bathing suit
      • 2 pairs of bike socks and/or sports socks (quick-dry)
      • 1-2 pairs of dress or casual socks
      • Windbreaker or cool-weather jacket (rainproof and breathable)
      • Light rain jacket or poncho (cheap version is fine—insurance on sunny days!)
      • Bike shoes (not clip-in) or shoes with non-flexing sole (multi-purpose hiking/biking is ideal)
      • 1-2 pairs of riding gloves
      • 2-3 sets of underwear (quick-dry)
      • Sweater or fleece
      • Slacks or light jeans (quick-dry, wrinkle resistant)
      • Belt
      • Comfortable walking shoes
      • Sandals
      • Arm- and leg-warmers (Early Spring and Late Autumn tours)


      • Passport, wallet and ID
      • Waterproof, zip-lock type plastic bag for your valuables
      • Health insurance card
      • Travel insurance card
      • Cash, credit cards and/or travel cheques
      • Electronic chargers (for camera, MP3 player, e-reader, cell phone)
      • Adaptors or convertors

    First aid kit

      • Insect repellent
      • Antiseptic cream or antibiotic ointment
      • Antihistamine tablets for hay fever
      • Sunscreen and total bloc
      • Throat lozenges or hard sweets
      • Painkillers
      • Band-aids and ‘Second Skin’ for blisters
      • Rehydration salts
      • Multi-vitamins
  • Going on a self-guided tour gives you the freedom to move at your own pace, stop whenever you want to, and marvel at fabulous panoramas as long as you want—without the pressure of being in a larger group.

    Accommodation during the tour in excellent three and four-star hotels is arranged for you, as well as all breakfasts, bike delivery, bike fitting, and all baggage transfers. You will also get printed maps with elevation gain, but also a private event on the RWGPS app, which is easy to follow on your own phone.

  • During your week-long bike tour in Sardinia, you will enjoy a diverse array of accommodations, each contributing to a memorable Italian experience. These lodgings, all thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and coziness, offer a mix of historical charm, modern elegance, traditional warmth, and serenity.

    First two nights will be spent at Hotel Aquae Sinis, a charming hotel for those who will appreciate the beauty of 17th-century residences. These have been redesigned with elegance, in sync with the landscapes surrounding it. Hotel Aquae Sinis offers terrific wellness facilities, including a hydromassage pool, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, and a Scottish shower— ideal prior to your massage.

    Hotel Aquae Sinis pool


    Then you’ll move onto the Tarthesh Hotel in Guspini for two nights, a four-star luxury hotel boasting a refined and magical setting. This is an upscale oasis for wellness and relaxation, nestled in the Sardinian wilderness, where you can enjoy chilling by the inviting pool and the garden.

    Hotel Tarthesh pool


    For your final two nights, you’ll stay at Cortis Antigas, a 19th-century mansion at the foot of Giara, in a historic area of Gesturi. This wonderful house has been delicately restructured, allowing you to enjoy ingenious building techniques of ancient local traditions. This is the perfect choice for those looking for a unique stay in the warm and simple comforts of Cortis Antigas.

    Cortis Antigas entrance
  • Group sizes and pricing

      • For this self-guided cycling tour in Sardinia, it takes at least 2 persons for the tour to operate
      • Maximum group size is set at 18 cyclists, but we can accommodate bigger groups upon request.
      • Price is based on double occupancy, but a single supplement can be added to your booking upon checkout.

    Self-guided cycling tours in Sardinia can be arranged for larger groups. Contact us to make arrangements.

    Min. age requirements

      • If you are older than 18, you’re good to go.
      • Minors older than 16 may be permitted to join the self-guided cycling tour in Sardinia on a case-by-case basis, but must be in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

    If your group has hikers under the age of 18, contact us prior to booking to make arrangements.

  • To get to Cabras next to Oristano, the nearest airport is Cagliari Airport (CAG). From there, you can reach Oristano either by car or by bus, it will take you up to 1.5 hours.

  • We highly recommend that you cover all your bases with both emergency medical and travel insurance.

    With medical insurance, if you have an accident or medical emergency on or off the mountain, you’ll avoid paying out of pocket for costly expenses. This covers everything from hospital treatments to emergency air transportation and more. Travel insurance covers canceled flights, natural disasters and other scenarios that may interrupt your travel plans.

    We also expect you to respect local regulations and take measures to protect yourselves, your guides, and the communities you’re traveling to.

    If you need assistance selecting the right insurance for your group, let us know and we will be happy to help!

  • Deposits

    You can secure one of the set dates with a 30% deposit upon booking. The remaining 70% of the trip price is to be paid 90 days prior to departure, at the latest.

    Secure your early bird spot with a 10% deposit! This tour gets sold out very quickly, but with early-bird booking, you will be the first one to know about any new upcoming dates. Pick your preferred dates without the risk of your bucket list adventure selling out!

      • Only 10% of the total amount should be paid as a deposit upon booking. This deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another 57hours adventure anytime in case the dates don’t suit you.
      • Once the dates are set, you can confirm your booking by paying another 20% of the total amount.
      • The final balance is due 3 months (90 days) prior to departure.


    Booking fees are non-refundable in all cases. During checkout, however, you can choose one of 57hours’ flexibility options:


      • In case of cancellation within 48 hours after booking, the amount paid is fully refundable.
      • For cancellations 60 or more days before the trip, you are eligible for a 70% refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 0-59 days before the trip, there is no refund.


      • In case of cancellation within 48 hours after booking, the amount paid is fully refundable.
      • For cancellations 60 or more days before the trip, you are eligible for a full refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 30-59 days before the trip, you are eligible for a 50% refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 0-29 days before the trip, there is no refund.

    Super Flexible

      • In case of cancellation within 48 hours after booking, the amount paid is fully refundable.
      • For cancellations 30 or more days before the trip, you are eligible for a full refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 0-29 days before the trip, you are eligible for a 50% refund of the trip price.
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