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Imagine heli-access mountain biking in BC’s Coast Mountains, complete with a sauna and chef-prepared dishes—sounds like a dream, right? This tour turns that dream into reality! The best part? It’s private. Customize your adventure with your group, choosing the date and duration. Begin with an exhilarating flight from Squamish into nature’s ultimate rollercoaster. With 6,000 vertical feet of unique descent lines and over 2,000 acres of stunning granite terrain, this is a mountain biker’s paradise. Enjoy full ridge descents, open granite highways, and technical steep granite rides. After a day of epic biking, relax at the luxurious 5,900-foot base camp with your friends or family, swimming in a pristine lake, unwinding in the sauna, and savoring gourmet meals by the campfire. This is the ultimate MTB experience—the Coast Mountains await!

Adventure highlights

  • Incredible mountain biking

    Heli access unlocks a whole new realm of MTB opportunities, including 6,000 vertical feet of unique descent lines and over 2,000 acres of stunning granite terrain

  • Private & customizable experience

    Choose the date, duration and adventure details with your friends and family!

  • Deluxe base camp

    Glamping-style tents, a sauna, and gourmet meals by a chef—all in the middle of the Coast Mountains and deep in the backcountry!

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Experience heli-access mountain biking in BC’s Coast Mountains with this exclusive private tour. Customize your adventure duration and dates and explore 6,000 vertical feet of unique descent lines and 2,000 acres of stunning granite terrain. Enjoy slab riding, exhilarating ridge descents, and technical rides, then unwind at a luxurious 5,900-foot base camp. Swim in pristine lakes, relax in a sauna, and savor gourmet meals. Includes helicopter transfers, accommodation in spacious dome tents, and meals prepared by a chef.

  • Begin your day with a delectable breakfast, setting the stage for an unforgettable mountain biking adventure. Embark on a thrilling MTB journey through the area’s stunning granite terrain, navigating expansive slabs and breathtaking ridges. If you opt for a long descent, a helicopter will whisk you back to a high point, allowing you to experience another thrilling ride to your base camp. In the evening, return to your luxurious base camp, take a refreshing dip in a crystal-clear alpine lake, and unwind in the warmth of the sauna. As the sun sets, gather around the campfire to savor a delicious chef-prepared dinner, sharing stories and reliving the day’s adventures with your friends or family.

    MTBer riding down a granite slab in BC’s Coast Mountains.
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Meet your guide

Flow State Guiding
Flow State Guiding
Flow State Guiding boasts a team of experienced ACMG and PMBIA guides with technical expertise and diverse skill sets, offering exceptional outdoor adventure tours across Western Canada. Their guides bring a calm, focused, and adaptable energy to each trip, ensuring a driven and personalized experience for every participant. From high-altitude mountain treks to coastal wave hunts, they meticulously customize terrain choices, daily objectives, and gourmet meals to create unforgettable adventures. Flow State Guiding is dedicated to crafting unique and thrilling experiences that connect you with the beauty and excitement of the great outdoors.

Accommodation and meals

5.00 (4 reviews)
Darren Berrecloth (source: Guide’s web )

This riding area has one of the most surreal landscapes I have visited on the planet. It’s crazy to think that this terrain has always been so close to my home and yet I had no idea it existed. In mountain biking, we crave the wide-open landscapes just as much as we crave a tight, single track. Traditionally, rock slabs were short, intermittent sections that gave us thrills, however, what we found was huge, steep slabs with endless traction to push our boundaries. In this region, the possibilities are endless, as the entire area is nothing but granite slabs, eroded smoothly by the earth’s last glacial era, creating one of the most stunning landscapes to take a bike and explore BC’s raw backcountry…

Robin Munshaw (source: Guide’s web )

Riding in this area is a limitless exploration of what a bike and rider can do. The views, the location, the terrain – it’s a singular experience found nowhere else on earth. Ian sets a new precedent for what a guided backcountry experience can be.

Thomas Burden (source: Guide’s web )

Granite slabs as far as the eye can see. Mountain biking’s most comparable thing to the best day of powder skiing. Infinite line choices on massive terrain.

Jimmy Martinello (source: Guide’s web )

Some of the wildest riding on the planet, an alpine granite domain. I’ve ridden bikes around the world and this tops the list…. Golden granite slabs for thousands of feet, surrounded by crystal clear fresh water glaciated lakes, high above old growth forests. Everyday brings endless adventure, the boundaries are set only by your personal limits and desires. Freaking spectacular everywhere you look and ride. I look forward to returning one day soon. To all that get the chance, this is a trip of a lifetime!

Things to know

  • What you get on this adventure:

      • An experienced, local mountain biking guide with extensive knowledge of the area
      • 2 or more days (duration is customizable) heli-accessed mountain biking in BC’s
      • Coast Mountains
      • Helicopter transfers between Squamish and your base camp in BC’S Coast Mountains
      • Helicopter transfers (usually one a day) back to a high point after a descent — customizable
      • Accommodation in a luxury base camp for the duration of the tour (sleeping in spacious dome tents)
      • All meals (breakfast, packed lunches, and dinner) and refreshments during the adventure, prepared by a professional chef
      • Charging station for personal electronics (phone, GoPro, headlamps, etc.)

    What’s not included:

      • Transportation to the starting point of the tour in Squamish
      • Accommodation before and after the tour — if applicable
      • MTB equipment — can be rented
      • Private tent
      • Travel and medical/rescue insurance — highly recommended
      • Guide gratuities
  • Participants in this private heli-accessed Coast Mountains MTB tour in BC, Canada should be riders who are proficient at navigating intermediate to advanced trails commonly found in standard bike parks. It is crucial that all guests be in excellent physical condition to handle the strenuous demands of the terrain. These tours are not suitable for beginners and the vast majority of intermediate riders, as they require significant experience and skill.

    Guests are generally expected to have years of riding experience across a broad variety of terrain types. To ensure that all riders are well-matched in terms of ability, a short video submission is required during the initial booking process. Additionally, participants must adhere to safety protocols and guidelines. Prior to the trip, each guest is required to sign a waiver, acknowledging the inherent risks associated with backcountry riding. Following the guide’s instructions and riding cautiously within one’s abilities are essential to prevent injuries or incidents.

    Overall, proper physical fitness, significant riding experience, and strict adherence to safety instructions are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience on this exhilarating MTB tour.

  • Here’s a list of MTB equipment you need to bring:

      • Enduro or trail bike with fresh tires and brake pads (180mm-220mm rotors recommended)
      • Helmet (comfortable and breathable for long days)
      • Flat pedals or clipless shoes with recessed cleats
      • Pads (knee, elbow, and neck)
      • Bike bottles and bladder system
      • Gloves (2 pairs)
      • Sunglasses / riding glasses
      • Bike tools + tire sealant
      • Riding shoes and hut booties or comfortable sandals
      • Day pack (with hydration bladder)
      • Personal headlamp
      • Charging cables for your electronic devices (on-site charging is available)
      • Spare tube and brake pads
      • Other spare parts like batteries or charging capabilities for wireless derailleurs or dropper posts, derailleur hangers, levers, shifting cable, chain – master link or spare links, etc; FSG will ensure to have parts, but not everything is universal)

    Here’s a list of clothing you need to bring:

      • Ultralight waterproof / windproof layer
      • Ultralight insulated jacket
      • Beanie / toque / insulated hat (for evenings/mornings in high elevations)
      • Riding socks for each day
      • Long-sleeve and short-sleeve jersey (brighter colors recommended for photos against the gray granite)
      • Riding pants / shorts
      • Riding chamois for long days (breathable)
      • Camp clothing – loose long-sleeve pants and shirt
      • Base layers
      • Buff
      • Bathing suit for sauna and alpine lake
      • Micro towel

    Here’s a list of toiletries you need to bring:

      • Sunscreen and bug spray
      • Toothbrush and toothpaste
      • Earplugs (for the helicopter and fellow base campers)
      • Medication

    This private and customizable heli-accessed Coast Mountains MTB adventure takes place in the deep backcountry and far from any shop, so make sure you bring any spare parts you may need. Bring comfortable clothing and be ready for seasonal and unseasonal weather! You’ll be able to discuss equipment and your packing list with your guide prior to the adventure.

  • If the weather is bad during a heli-accessed MTB trip in BC’s Coast Mountains, please understand that the staff have no control over the weather. Heli-biking heavily depends on suitable weather conditions, so it is recommended to book flights and travel with a 2-3 day buffer on either side of the tour to accommodate potential itinerary changes. If the weather or conditions, such as smoke or heavy rain, prevent safe operation, the lead guide will decide to cancel the trip. In the event of a cancellation due to unfavorable weather conditions, the balance will be refunded or applied to a future date.

  • Yes, you can rent equipment for this private & customizable heli-accessed MTB tour in the Coast Mountains, BC. Bike rentals are available in sizes S to XL with the Revel Rail 29, costing around $180 for a 3-day tour, around $240 for a 4-day tour, around $300 for a 5-day tour and so on. Additionally, you can purchase riding shoes (EU sizes 40-46) for $150, knee pads (XS-XXL) for $110, and gloves (XS-XL) for $30. All prices are per person. If renting a bike, please indicate the size(s) you need in a note for the guide.

  • Group sizes and prices:

      • For this private adventure, the maximum client-to-guide ratio is 4:1, which means that if 5 or more people join, they’ll be joined by 2 guides.
      • It takes a minimum of 4 people for this tour to operate, while the maximum number of participants is 8.

    The duration Private and customizable heli-accessed mountain biking in the Coast Mountains, BC can be arranged for larger groups. Contact us to make arrangements.

    Min. age requirements:

      • If you are older than 18, you’re good to go.
      • Minors 14 and older may be permitted to join the hike on a case-by-case basis, but must be in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

    If your group has hikers under the age of 18, contact us prior to booking to make arrangements.

  • To get to Squamish, the starting point of the adventure, most people fly into Vancouver International Airport, which is approximately 1 hour away by car or around 2 hours if you take public transportation. We suggest arriving in Vancouver/Squamish at least one day before the tour to give yourself enough time to rest if flying from a distant location.

    Once you and your guide agree on the details of your itinerary, your guide will suggest the best time and place to meet, usually at the Squamish heliport in the early morning of Day 1.

  • We highly recommend that you cover all your bases with both emergency medical and travel insurance. With medical insurance, if you have an accident or medical emergency on or off the mountains, you’ll avoid paying out of pocket for costly expenses. This covers everything from hospital treatments to emergency air transportation and more.

    Travel insurance covers canceled flights, natural disasters and other scenarios that may interrupt your travel plans.

    We also expect you to respect local regulations and take measures to protect yourselves, your guides, and the communities you’re traveling to.

    If you need assistance selecting the right insurance for your group, let us know and we will be happy to help!

  • Deposits

    You can secure one of the set dates with a 30% deposit upon booking. The remaining 70% of the trip price is to be paid 90 days prior to departure, at the latest.

    Booking fees are non-refundable in all cases. During checkout, however, you can choose one of 57hours’ flexibility options:


      • In case of cancellation within 48 hours after booking, the amount paid is fully refundable.
      • For cancellations 90 or more days before the trip, you are eligible for a 70% refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 0-89 days before the trip, there is no refund.


      • In case of cancellation within 48 hours after booking, the amount paid is fully refundable.
      • For cancellations 90 or more days before the trip, you are eligible for a full refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 60-89 days before the trip, you are eligible for a 50% refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 0-59 days before the trip, there is no refund.

    Super Flexible

      • In case of cancellation within 48 hours after booking, the amount paid is fully refundable.
      • For cancellations 60 or more days before the trip, you are eligible for a full refund of the trip price.
      • For cancellations 0-59 days before the trip, you are eligible for a 50% refund of the trip price.
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