Michelle shared:

  • Her expertise on thru-hiking the AT 
  • Personalized insights based on your questions
  • Backpacking choices making or breaking your Appalachian aspirations
  • How supported thru-hiking increases your chances
  • The nitty-gritty of the 5-month AT itinerary she devised 
  • Budgeting, duration, and everyday life on the trail

Wrapping your head around the Appalachian Trail thru-hike alone is no easy task. 14 states, 2,190 miles, 5 million steps—and just as many questions.

Managing the logistics and finishing the months-long traverse are both impressive—and challenging—undertakings in their own right. Luckily, A.T. guru Michelle Michaud is here to help.

Not only has she completed the Appalachian Trail three times, including two thru-hikes, but she also has an extensive experience in helping others become successful AT thru-hikers. With her expert guidance, the dream of making it to Mt. Katahdin will feel closer than ever before.

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Adventure Talk host

Michelle Michaud
Appalachian Trail guide and owner of Wandering Boots Adventure Tours

Michelle Michaud was born and raised in Maine and is currently based out of Lebanon, TN. She began hiking the Appalachian Trail in sections in 1998 and has since completed the A.T. three times, including two thru-hikes. As the Owner and operator of Wandering Boots Adventure Tours, Michelle helps others experience the joys of the trail. Their offering is comprehensive, handling as much, or as little, of the logistics as clients want. With Michelle, you can count on feeling part of the hiking family.