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All year. Except October, when it’s the rainy season

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Cabarete was our first taste of sublime Caribbean kitesurfing

Surfing and flying. What’s not to like?

While kiteboarding may be relatively new on the timeline of thrill-seeking adventures, it delivers on old-school dreams had by just about everyone: flying! What better place to make dreams reality than kiteboarding in paradise? Located on the northern shore of the Dominican Republic is Cabarete, a resort town where kiteboarding is king and the wind delivers for over +300 days per year. So grab your harness and ready your surf-legs for an unforgettable kiteboarding adventure. Cold, crisp Presidente beer and fresh seafood await you after your day soaring above the waves.

Most popular packages and classes in Cabarete

Cabarete to Buen Hombre

Spending a week in Cabarete and want to go off the beaten trail? This two-day trip takes starts in Cabarete then takes you west to the not-too-frequented town of Buen Hombre, where you’ll kiteboard secret spots in incredible lagoons. This trip is for kiteboarders with previous experience.

The Complete Kiteboarding Beginner Course

The title says it all. This three-day package is privately guided and an island favorite. Progress from getting comfortable with a trainer-kite to body dragging in the water to riding downwind – you’ll get all this and more with one four hour class each day.

Kiteboard Master Clinics

For those of you who’re comfortable with your kite, maybe even too comfortable, and are looking to take your kiteboarding to another level, then look no further. This three-hour advanced clinic can help you with jumps, rolls, switches, and power turns, and the price includes the cost of your gear.

Things you need to know

When is the best time to go?

You can rely on great kiteboarding weather pretty much year-round. Winds mellow out during the summer months, October is usually rainy, and the biggest waves come in during the winter. The sweet spot is from April through September.

What about bad weather?

Inclement weather can very rarely get in the way of kiteboarding, but, if in doubt, ask your guiding service for more information.

What's a typical itinerary?

A typical three-day block of lessons will have a similar itinerary:

    • Day 1 – On the first day, you’ll familiarize yourself with your kite, board, and understanding your wind window
    • Day 2 – Usually the second day will have a recap of the first! But next comes the fun: getting in the water and putting some of your techniques into practice
    • Day 3 – Finally, board, kite and water now all come into play. You’ll spend the whole day in the water –  all with your instructor on hand to aide with technique and riding

What about group sizes?

Group sizing is generally small. Private is 1:1 guide to client, and groups are usually 1:2, essentially 2:4. Costs tend to decrease with more clients, so it’s the perfect time to kiteboard with friends and family!

Getting there

The airport of choice is Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon (POP). Cabarete is twenty minutes away by car.

Learn to kiteboard with certified instructors

Like any adrenaline-fueled undertaking, safety always comes first. Because kiteboarding is immensely popular in Cabarete, the local guides and instructors hold certification from the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) to ensure that they are up to date with the latest in safety practices — thus making sure your first or twentieth time with your board and kite are the safest it can be. So, if you’ve ever been curious about kiteboarding, look no further than the sun-drenched, crystal-clear waters of the Dominican Republic’s north shore.

Who should go kiteboarding in Cabarete?

Everyone. Coral protects the town from major waves and the sandy beaches provide plenty of options for after a day with kite and board.

Cabarete’s shore keeps big waves out and lets kiteboarding breezes in - perfect for everyone.
from $230
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