Backcountry Heli Skiing in Valdez. Do It.

5 days
All ages
1–5 people

ValdezAlaska, is a famous ski destination that brings to mind the huge lines skied in films from Warren Miller to TGR. This stunning range rises steeply from the Port of Valdez to summits more than 6000’ feet above.

Welcome to Alaska! Now let’s start having some fun heli skiing in the backcountry.

The snow density in Valdez is unique in that it sticks to the mountain, making it possible to ski much steeper lines than is possible at other destinations. Skiing in Valdez is not just about the steep lines, it’s also about the incredible beauty and vast terrain easily accessed from the road at Thompson Pass. There is plenty out there to suit the desires of advanced intermediate skiers to expert skiers.

We have spent months at a time skiing in this area, spending each day trying a different tour. Also, as we’re just a short drive from town we can enjoy the comforts of civilization each evening after a great day on the slopes.

What you should know about our 5 Day backcountry and heli ski combo:

Our 5 day program will give you the full Valdez experience. We’ll do three days of backcountry touring, one heli bump day (we’ll ride in on a helicopter, and then spend the rest of the day skiing and touring our way back to the road) and one full day of heli skiing. We’ll keep the itinerary for these days flexible due to weather and ski conditions.

Where we are
Class Location
Valdez, Alaska
Meeting Location
What's included
  • All guiding fees
  • One full day heli skiing
  • One heli bump
  • All Transportation in Valdez
  • Permit fees
  • Insurance

Not included in the price:

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Transportation to Valdez

When you book your trip, we'll send you an equipment list.

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We’re an adventure loving, rock climbing, tech company that loves all things outdoors-y. Why spend days looking for the right guide and adrenaline rush, when we can (and already did) do it for you? Want a serious guide for a challenging backcountry tour? We know a bunch. How about a guide to show you around the Alps? Check. Maybe your kids want to ski and won’t stop going on about it until you book them a trip. Yes, we know guides who are great for beginners, too. Oh, yeah, every guide we know prioritizes SAFETY and FUN. Book with 57hours, we’ve done your work for you. You’re welcome.

Guides running this program

Todd Passey

Todd, a Utah native, grew up with a strong passion for skiing and playing in the mountains. Looking to incorporate this passion into a profession, Todd attended the University of Utah and earned a bachelors degree from the Parks and Recreation department. He worked in the outdoors as a wilderness instructor teaching survival skills in the Utah desert for many years. In 2000 he began mountain guiding, and has been sharing his passion of the mountains with others ever since.

Todd’s guiding has taken him to many corners of the globe including Alaska, Asia, Antarctica, Europe, South America and the Western U.S. He is a fully certified IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guide. Other training and certifications include Avalanche level III and Wilderness First Responder.

When climbing with Todd one immediately feels a sense of safety and trust. Todd is a strong and highly competent leader with years of experience leading large expeditions and one on one guiding. He is a skillful teacher and enjoys helping folks accomplish their climbing aspirations.

Some of his notable ascents include Denali’s Cassin Ridge, a first ascent of the 5000’ west face of Mt. Vinson in Antarctica, and the Walker spur on the Grand Jorasses in the Alps.

When he is not traveling, Todd enjoys spending time at home in Salt Lake City, Utah, climbing and skiing the Wasatch with his wife, climbing partner and fellow guide, Winslow

Winslow Passey

Winslow’s personality is one of her greatest attributes. She is a true leader and absolute pleasure to be tour with. Her skills as a mountain guide and technical abilities are outstanding! She has been guiding since 2001, leading trips in Alaska, South America, Antarctica, Nepal, Mongolia as well all over the US as well.

Winslow is an AMGA certified Ski Mountaineering Guide and has completed her level III avalanche training. She is one of the top guides for Utah Mountain Adventures where she guides backcountry skiing, winter alpine climbs and teaches avalanche training courses. Winslow is also a Wilderness First Responder.

Her notable climbs include the southwest ridge of Ama Dablam, Mt. Hunters' West Ridge and the Walker Spur on the Grand Jorasses.

Winslow loves to teach and integrate her soulful ideals into every climb. She's a certified yoga instructor trained in Nepal, and she's conversational in Nepalese! Winslow lives in Salt Lake City, Utah but is still a Georgia Peach at heart.

Tim Connelly

Tim has been around the world block more than a few times and has enjoyed exploring many walks of life along the way. He's done everything from fishing in Alaskan waters to operating heavy equipment at the South Pole. Beginning in 1996 he began guiding in the mountains and has never looked back.

“To orchestrate and help someone have a life-fulfilling or life-changing experience in the environment that I feel so passionate about is awesome for me, I personally can not get enough of that kind of work”

Always looking for new adventures and for friends and guests has led Tim to every continent on this planet. Many years have been spent in South America and Alaska climbing the giants of this mountaineering world: Alpamayo, Denali, Aconcagua, Chimborazo and Illamani, to name a few. Summiting Ama Dablam in the Himalaya at the turn of the century was an extremely memorable event as was ascending the north ridge of Mt. Kenya in the winter of '08. Just recently he climbed the Walker spur of the Grandes Jorrasses in the French Alps.

Skiing has played a greater part in Tim’s life lately. Winters spent in La Grave, Wasatch, the Sierras, Alaska, Jackson Hole, the Canadian Rockies and the southern Alps of New Zealand have solidified his passion. This next year Tim hopes to extend the skiing season in Chile with a new venture into the heli-skiing industry.

In 2006, Tim was awarded Outstanding Guide of the Year by the AMGA for, amongst others things, ‘Exhibit (ing) the qualities of loyalty, integrity, and moral courage worthy of emulation.’ Tim is accredited by the IFMGA and AMGA. Tim loves to take on new adventures and he's always open to explorations.