Your host will cover:

  • The West Coast Trail and why it’s a bucket-list trip
  • The rich history of the trail
  • The highlights and localfavorite spots
  • How to physically prepare for your trek
  • What to pack for your adventure
  • How to stay safe on your journey

Spanning the shore of Vancouver Island, the West Coast Trail is one of the most adventurous treks in Canada. This footpath of the First Nations, turned trail for shipwreck survivors, draws backpackers from all over the world for its ruggedness, variety, and beautiful oceanside scenery. 

This is not your average wilderness walk — for 47 miles, travelers wade hip-deep rivers, trudge dense mud pools, scale moss-covered ladders, and cross 300+ ft suspension bridges, stopping only to discuss the day’s triumphs by beachside campfires.

As exciting as it is, the WCT shouldn’t be taken lightly. From choosing the right gear to securing a reservation and finding campsites, your first time on the Trail should be safe and well-informed.

This is why you should tune in to our FREE WEBINAR! In an hour-long session, an expert guide will cover everything you need to know about Canada’s premier adventure walk, from how to prepare and what to pack to scoring a coveted reservation.

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