Pierrick covered:

  • Matterhorn and how it got its mythical reputation
  • Why a full loop is the best way to experience the Perfect Pyramid
  • Where to go for the best views of the mountain
  • The must-try food and wines you’ll find in the Swiss Alps
  • Elevation gain, glacier crossings, and other challenges you’ll encounter
  • How to pack and prepare for your journey

Matterhorn is the most recognizable mountain in the world, and climbing it is every alpine adventurer’s dream. However, if you set your sights solely on the summit, you’re likely to miss the beauty that surrounds it.

The best way to experience the mythical mountain in all its glory is to hike a 360-loop around it. Apart from enjoying phenomenal views of the peak from all angles, you also get an opportunity to dive into Swiss culture, visit enchanting villages, sample rustic delicacies, and experience true alpine idyll.

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In an hour-long session, expert guide and Mont Blanc local Pierrick Delattre will walk you through his guided Matterhorn trek and teach you everything you need to know before starting your own journey.

Webinar host

Pierrick Delattre
Mountain Guide & Founder of Watse Trekking

Pierrick grew up in the Mont Blanc region and he is the founder of Watse Trekking. As a true mountain lover, he has transformed his passion into a profession, and happiness always remains the main priority. Pierrick will take you off the beaten path on routes that he has designed and mapped himself. His main focus is on sharing his experience and passion with other travelers, providing them with a sense of complete trust while they’re exploring new places, cultures, and communities.